Friday, 8th September 2017

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The return to school

Welcome back to school everyone! Summer holidays seem already like faded memories. It's been a lively and energetic start to the school year and we are pleased that all students have settled into the routines of learning very quickly. Over 35 new students and families have joined our Upper School from all parts of the world and we hope they have had a soft landing at Dwight. With an Ice Cream Social in late August and a special orientation morning last Friday, we were able to reduce the anxieties often associated with starting a new school and for many a new life here in London. The staff have worked very hard to ensure the school was ready to receive you all and apart from a few timetable issues, final options decisions and the inevitable IT glitches in new systems we are up and running! If we have not got it right for your family, please do let us know.

School Improvements

Over the summer there was significant investment made in both the Jubilee and Dwight campuses thanks to the efforts of our maintenance team. Jubilee Hall has had a complete repaint and better audio-visual equipment installed, new offices have been created for the IB Coordinators, IT upgraded and the usual repairs. This is part of a rolling plan to give the Dwight building especially, a facelift!

Vertical Tutoring

Ms. Veschi, our Dean of Students along with three new Heads of Houses Mr. Turner (Head of Pioneers), Mr. Dacanay (Head of Visionaries) and Mr. Wynter (Head of Artists) have all launched the new pastoral system of vertical tutoring. Your children are now meeting daily with two personal tutors in small mixed age groups. It is vital you know who your child's tutors are since they become your first point of contact for any issues with your child's progress at Dwight. The extended daily tutor time, House meetings and school assemblies should provide strong and enjoyable support structures for them all. M1 remain in their own group but will soon be transitioned into the vertical groups when they have adapted to the Upper School. We have some exciting inter-house events planned for the year ahead.

Contact Information for School

If you have not yet completed the UK contact information form in your respective campuses kindly contact Javier Dominguez at the Dwight campus to give your UK address and mobile telephone contact numbers.

Hidden Talents Spotlight
We are proud in Dwight London of how we seek to find the spark of genius in every student and this year we are planning to spotlight "hidden talents" where students accomplish great things in their lives outside of school. One such student is Ahaan Saini of M3 who we discovered is a successful competitive swimmer with great potential for the future. Ahaan told his peers in assembly how he trains up to eight times a week (getting up at 4am!) in the pool at Barnet Copthall to compete in open water championships. This summer Ahaan competed in the UK National Championships swimming 1.5km in an open water lake near Sheffield where he came 15th. He has ambitions to compete internationally and we wish him all the best with his training this year. He is an inspiration to us all of commitment and talent.

Activities and Clubs

Ms. Villate launched the Tuesday activities and after school clubs this week and we are very grateful to our staff who have volunteered a good variety of different challenges and experiences. Details can be found on the website of our sporting, creative and academic clubs that should provide complementary challenges and pastimes to our curriculum. Students are opting through forms with their tutors.  For example we are offering some great opportunities for students interested in learning languages.


Language Acquisition Clubs: French, Spanish, English and Mandarin.

Starting on the week of 11th September.


The Language Acquisition Department is running these clubs in order to support the students who need some extra help with their languages homework or who would like to use this time to consolidate or extend their learning in the classroom.


The attendance to these clubs is optional for most students although our language teachers will make recommendations as to who should attend. You will find a note in your child's diary if that is the case.


The French club will take place on Mondays from 15:45-16:45 in D3 and is run by Ms. Villatte.


The Spanish club will take place on Wednesdays from 15:45-16:45 in D10 and is run by Mr. Sánchez.


The English club will take place on Wednesdays,  from  15.45.- 16.45 in D7 and is run by Mrs. Boyle.


The Mandarin club will take place on Thursday, from 15:45-16:45 in D13 and is run by Ms. Lee.


If you would like your child to attend any of these clubs, please get in touch with the relevant teacher. Please notice that places are limited and the leaders of the activity will decide the suitability of the activity for individual students.

Shine Walk

Please join us in helping to collect money for a cause that is touching many of us in and outside of the school community. From now until Saturday, 23rd September Mrs. Cobbin, Mrs. Veschi, Mrs. Lust and Ms. Delgado are running a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cancer research. On the 23rd September they will take part in the Shine Half Marathon Walk.

Residential Retreat Trips for M1 through to M4 and D1

A reminder that all students will be involved in a residential bonding trip later this month. M1 and M3 are on Bushcraft to Hatfield Woods, Hertfordshire led by Mr. Dacanay. The M2 trip is to Normandy, France organised by Ms. Villate and Ms. Rodrigue. M4 will be on a PGL trip to Osmington Bay in Dorset led by Ms. Mills. The D1 trip to the Kingswood Centre in Norfolk led by Mr. Lucas. M5 and D2 students will have a special week at school on their Personal Projects and Extended Essays amongst other important IB work.  Please click on the relevant links above for more information.

Information Evening – 6.30pm Tuesday, 19th September

The Upper School is holding an information evening about our IB programmes, the curriculum for the year ahead and other useful information you will need at the start of the year. We encourage parents, both new and old, to attend so we can keep you updated and informed as well as take questions about the academic aspects of school life.  Please put the date in your diaries!


To conclude I would just like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone – parents, staff and students, who has made me feel so welcome at Dwight since I started. My transition term last year really allowed me to make a smooth start in following on the work of John Hopkins who has made his way safely to Canada this summer with his family. I'm still learning about the school and starting up with a fresh team so I do hope you will forgive us any rookie errors as we take the baton from others and move Dwight Upper School forward to its next chapter. Best wishes to everyone for a fun, challenging and smooth year ahead.

Mr. Andy Atkinson

Upper School Principal

Dwight Parent Association News and Events


Back to School BBQ
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Back to School BBQ, on Saturday, 16th September from 11.30am-2.30pm at the school sports ground on Dale Green Road, N11 1DL.

We will be providing burgers, sausages and vegetarian options on the day and ask that families with surnames beginning A-L bring along a salad or side-dish to share and families with surnames beginning M-Z are asked to bring along a dessert.

Soft drinks will be available free of charge and a limited amount of beer and wine will be available for purchase, families are very welcome to bring their own food and/or refreshments.

There will also be used uniforms on sale on the day and if you have any used uniforms in good condition you would like to donate, please bring it along (laundered) on the day. The proceeds go to the Parent Association.

Remember to bring your picnic mat and any outdoor games equipment your children may wish to play.



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