Friday, 15th September 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


This week we started our learning about journeys. The children are settling well into their new routines and are building new friendships.


This week we:

  • noticed an interest in pirates so we added some resources to support the children in their role play
    made a pirate small world play area with sand and  buried treasure!
  • started our unit about Journeys by reading the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We then asked the children to choose an object they want to take on a journey. This was so we could get an idea about the children's knowledge of what a journey is and why we go on journeys.
  • drew the journeys the children made on a plan of the school. These are hanging on the washing line in the classroom.
  • did a writing development task. The children drew a picture of themselves and tried to write words about themselves. For most children this involved making marks rather than letter shapes and we scribed down the words the children shared.
  • introduced spray bottles in the garden. This is a great way to strengthen hands and fingers ready to hold pencils with greater control.
  • have enjoyed the dressing up box and a lot of role play has resulted, such as police, princesses, mummies and  cats!


  • Used the counting jar to count different objects.
  • Used a number spinner to recognise numbers.
  • Played a dice game where they rolled a die and completed different actions.
  • Played a game called Sound Starters where the children could push lots of buttons to hear interesting sounds.
  • Played Treasure Hunt - the children took it in turns to find the hidden treasure in the room. They had to listen to the volume of the song to indicate if they were near or far away from the treasure.


  • Played lots of games involving initial sounds. For example I spy, Bertie the Bus and Super Smoothie.
  • Counted to 20 (and beyond) and tried to recognise numerals 0 - 20. We used this game as a warm up Counting to 20.
  • Picked up different objects in our hands and estimated how many objects there were before counting them carefully. Some children wrote the total on post-it notes.
  • Wrote letters and numbers in the air using our fingers.
  • Made aliens and gave them names using alliteration. For example: Ping Pang Poop Pop.
  • Played Silly Soup where we had to put objects in the pot beginning with a certain sound.


  •  We would like to invite parents to have an optional settling meeting with their child's class teacher. We will be available before or after school on the week beginning 2nd October. This is just for 10 minutes to talk about how your child has settled back into the new term. Please let us know if you wish to attend so we can tell you a suitable time.
  • Reception will start to bring home reading books on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Friday, both Kindergarten and Reception will bring home a picture/story book of their choice.
  • We will continue to use the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt to look at journeys and will be going on a journey to the local park.
  • We will complete activities to help the children use positional language. For example: on, in, over, under, next to, through, behind, in front. If your child is not familiar with these words, please review them at home over the weekend.

 Action Homework

We are starting to think about journeys and would like the children to keep a record of journeys made over the weekend. You will find a more detailed explanation in your child's draw.


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