Friday, 22nd September 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:
  • we enjoyed sharing the Action Homework task. The children, if they wanted, were able to present their journey to the class. Some made posters, some sent photographs. We were really pleased with the response we had to this task - thank you!
  • the children made pirate maps and stained them with tea to make them look old. They then observed Mrs. Voica burning the edges of the paper to make them look even more like old treasure maps.
  • after noticing an interest in mixing the paints together, we have introduced the children to black and white paint and explained how to use brushes correctly. Some of our black and white creations are on display in the studio.
  • last week we introduced the story of We're Going on a Bear Hunt and this week we made story maps to show the journey the characters make through the story. This helps children share their knowledge about the sequence of events in the story.
  • we played with our new light blocks in the sensory room. They are very popular and look fantastic!
  • the children enjoyed cooking carrot cake using the carrots we picked from our garden.
  • two of the skills we are working on during our Journeys Unit of Inquiry are Organisation and Safety. We introduced the children to the idea of risk assessment. Initially we did this through the Bear Hunt story where they had to try and identify things on the journey that might not be safe and what we could do to make it safer. We then applied this when planning a walk to the allotments. The children were able to identify the following as potential risks:
    • Stinging nettles
    • Crossing the road
    • Getting lost
    • Falling over
  • We enjoyed a lovely walk to the allotments where we collected conkers, autumn leaves, acorns and sticks. We also managed to have a little paddle in the stream.

 Learning in Kindergarten

  • the children learnt about preposition vocabulary using a teddy and then placing it on, under and next to a chair.
  • one child hid a bear and another placed arrows on the floor leading to the bear so that others could find the bear by following the route.
  • in Phonics, the children went on listening walks using headbands with ears attached. They had to describe and name the sounds they heard.
  • using rhythm sticks, the children played along to the song Hickory Dickory Dock and had to try and keep in time to the beat. They also sang a song that encouraged them to explore the different sounds they could make with their sticks.

 Learning in Reception

  • the children were introduced to the Oxford Reading Tree characters as they will start to bring home reading books this week. They learnt the names of the characters: Mum, Dad, Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy. For most children, the reading books will contain just pictures. This is to encourage them to make up their own story based on the pictures and make predictions about what is happening next. Once they can tell a story with confidence, we will start introducing words and character names.
  • during our Unit of Inquiry about Journeys the children will be using vocabulary related to position and direction so we completed some related activities this week. We listened to the song Where's the Monkey and then used a soft toy to learn new vocabulary by placing it on, in, under, between and next to etc.
  • using a grid on the carpet, the children started to learn about giving directions. We used the vocabulary: forward, backwards, left and right.
  • we played Metal Mike - this is a robot that can only talk in sound talk. For example: c-a-t and p-e-n. The children had to try and blend the sounds together to work out which word he was saying.
  • we hid little bears around the room and the children had to find them and then use position words to explain where they found their bear. E.g under the table, on the chair.


  • a big thank you to Tristan and Nadezhda's mums who have kindly volunteered to take on the roles of Class Reps. I am sure as a class community that we will support them as much as possible in their new roles.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Holiday Club is not able to go ahead this October Half Term. This is due to further maintenance work in our outdoor areas. The December booking is now online here.
  • Please can you remember to send a pair of welly boots to keep at school

 Action Homework

Make a story map of your favourite story. This is a way of recording the main events in a story in the correct order. Here is an example below. This should again be directed by the children. They all did this task on Monday so should be familiar with what to do. See example below.


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