Friday, 29th September 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


This week we did some pre-assessment tasks for our on-going unit about Stories.

This week we:

  • started to talk about feelings by asking the children all the different ways we can feel. They came up with a really long list including: excited, scared, lonely, happy and sad.
  • encouraged the children to work in pairs and use a camera to take pictures of each other showing different facial expressions.
  • drew different face parts on stones so that the children could make their own faces and talk about different feelings .
  • asked the children what a story is. They had fascinating ideas like it's not real, it has pictures, and it's pretend.
  • used the story of Goldilocks to play a Hot Seat game. The children pretended to be a different character from the story and the rest of the class asked them questions such as why did you break Baby Bear's chair?
  • extended an interest in building by enhancing our outdoor space making it a building site. The children have been drawing their building designs and making cement with wet sand.
  • introduced one of our new resources which was real mini-bricks with cement. They built some lovely structures.
  • enjoyed learning about Dough Disco, a fun and lively activity that helps with fine-motor skills.

 In Kindergarten we:

  • continued to use prepositions in language whilst playing games such as who is next to you?, who is behind you? etc.
  • read Handa's Surprise and counted and numbered the fruit.
  • read the book What can Pinky hear? and talked about the different sounds animals make.
  • introduced the mystery box where children had to guess the sounds of different objects such as : paper, scissors, keys, water bottle.

  In Reception we:

  • played games to reinforce position words. For example we put position words onto a dice and then children had to move On the chair, next to the chair etc.
  • continued to play I spy and learnt about oral segmenting an blending.
  • counted the number of syllables in words.
  • played Cross the River where the children had to jump over the river and bring back an item that I said in sound talk. E.g Bring me the c-u-p.
  • made rhyming strings by walking along stepping stones thinking of a new rhyming word each time.
  • read Handa's Surprise and ordered numbers up to 20.


  • we have noticed a lot of toys coming to school from home. We kindly ask that all toys stay at home please. We will do show and tell at a later stage and the children will be able to bring a toy at this time.
  • please remember to include socks in your spare clothes bag.
  • as the weather is getting wetter, we require boots for outdoor play and for going on walks. Please can you bring a pair that can be left at school and ensure they are clearly labelled? Thank you!
  • please can you sign the Reading Record when you have shared a book with your child? It just lets us know that we can give you the next book and that you have had the opportunity to reinforce the skills at home.

 Action Homework

Draw pictures with different feelings and talk to your child why they feel that way e.g you feel happy when… you feel sad when…. Extend the language by using a variety of feeling words: bored, excited, shy, ashamed, confident etc.


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