Friday, 6th October 2017

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Learning in the Lower School

Learning Outside of the Classroom
Year 1 had a great day visiting High Barnet railway station on Tuesday with Miss Larragy and Mrs. Coster. They were looking for signs and other clues about how communities share common rules and routines such as where to stand, what times the trains arrive, buying and using tickets, finding toilets and so on. Miss Larragy and Mrs. Coster were both very impressed by the Year 1's questions and their behaviour. I love their photos above!


This week we gave out several leadership roles to our students:

Congratulations to the Eco rangers: Mink, Miya, Gali, Yoni, Saranya, Emma and Guilherme.

To our new Prefects: Charlie, Freya, Ori and Miya in Year 6

To our new House Captains:

Pioneers: Joshua and Sofia Z 

Visionaries: Kana and Ronika

Artists: Ido and Alex 

Well done to you all. We wish you well with your new role. We will announce further awards in next weeks newsletter too

Friday Assembly

The assembly this Friday was on the theme of Houses: we announced our new House Captains and we also announced the entrants and winners of the House logo competition; Congratulations to Sofia Z, Kana, Eliza, Bruno, Miya, , Miku, Mika, Sofia L, ToaHai, Natsuki, Tess Alfie and Tamar. Who all got two tokens for their House for entering the logo competition.

and the winners were

Sofia Z - Pioneers

Tamar - Artists

Sofia L - Visionaries 

They get 10 tokens and will have their logos displayed on the House Banners in the hall. 



Our Girls team trials took place last Monday. In the end we agreed that everyone who came to the trial will be part of the squad and will  represent our school. We are really proud of them for their hard work and we wish them all well for the season ahead. 


Our Boys will play St. Johns school this Friday afternoon, and Gower school next Tuesday. They are unbeaten so far this season and I will update you about how they got on next week.



One of the key roles of the school is to prepare your child for the next part of their education. A key transition is between Year 6 in the Lower School and M1 in the Upper School. Year 5 have already had a visit to the Upper School this term and next our Year 6 students will visit the Upper School on Monday, 16th October. Parents who want to know more about the Upper School are welcome to attend the Upper School Open House event on Tuesday, 10th October from 10.30am.


ACE Time and Parent Workshop 

On Wednesdays and Thursday, 18th and 19th October, we are hosting an ACE Time session followed by an IBPYP Parent Workshop.


ACE time, stands for Adult and Child Evaluation time. During an hour slot (you do not need to attend for the whole hour) your child will have the opportunity to share with you their learning, discuss their learning process and receive feedback from you. ACE Time will run across two days, these will be as follows:
Kindergarten, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 - Wednesday, 18th  October from 9am - 10am
Years 3 to 6 - Thursday, 19th October from 9am - 10am 

The Parent Workshop will take place in the Eco 1 classroom straight after. The Workshop will be repeated on both days. It will be about the IBPYP (IB Primary Years Programme ) It will be led by our IBPYP Coordinator Mrs. Brooks. It will give a general guide into what the key aspects  are within our IB accredited school, and how that impacts your child's learning.  It is applicable to all parents with children in the Lower School and it is a Parent Workshop that we repeat each year so previous attendees need not attend if they do  not wish to.


ACE time and the IBPYP Workshop are scheduled to be completed by 11.30am on both days 

Expectations: Settling In 

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing what aspect of the school life are key expectations: The Learner Profile, the IB Attitudes and Taking Action. I'm pleased to see that already many of our students have responded and had praise or even Sparkies for demonstrating these key areas. We have been pleased with the way our new students and parents have settled into their new school with its new routines and expectations. Following on from this Mrs. Cobbin, Mr. Atkinson and I will be meeting with new parents over the next two weeks to discuss settling in, what went well and what we need to look at in order to improve the transition to Dwight.


Activities ..
Every week I like to spend some time reporting back on our After School activities.  This week I spent some time in EAL Club and saw the students try to play some games that helped them to repeat language patterns and learn new vocabulary.  It was a lot of fun and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly our students acquire new languages.

Dwight Mic Week continues....

We continued our Dwight Mic week this week. We have been editing the learning reflections made by our wonderful Dwight Mic awardees. We have a wide range of content across all the year groups that will be showcased in two radio shows over the following weeks. From Monday 9th October you will be able to listen to Part 1 of our Dwight Mic Programme from 5:00pm - 8:00pm each evening. Click here to visit our Dwight Radio page.

Holiday Club Dates

You can now click on our Holiday Club site to book the December Holiday Club here.  


The club runs from 9am - 4pm and is for children under 7 years of age.
The dates for this academic year are:

  • December - Monday, 18th - Friday, 22nd
  • January - Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th
  • February - Monday, 12th - Friday 16th
  • April - Tuesday, 3rd - Friday, 6th, Monday, 9th - Friday 13th
  • May - Tuesday, 29th - Friday, 1st June
  • Summer holidays:
    • Monday, 23rd July - Friday, 27th
    • Monday, 30th - Friday, 3rd August,
    • Monday, 6th - Friday, 10th
    • Monday, 13th - Friday, 17th August


  • Parking: We have noticed that some Parking signs around the school have changed. Please be aware of this if you are parking before walking your child into the school. It is getting busier so please take care crossing the roads.
  • Buses: If you wish to register your interest for an after school bus service please either visit the Lower School office or contact
  • Contact: If you are running late, have a transport issue, or your child is ill, you should  contact our Lower School Office by email
  • Breakfast Club and Opening time - Our school officially opens at 8.20am. We have noticed that some students are arriving far earlier than that. For your information we do run a Breakfast Club from 7.45-8.20am which is a paid for service for those children who arrive earlier.  Bus children are exempt from this and can join the Breakfast Club free of charge as and when their bus arrives. If your child needs to arrive early and would like to join the Breakfast Club please inform the Lower School Office.

Key dates for this term

Useful diary dates for the half term ahead 
  1. For this half term Settling in Reports will be sent out in the week beginning Monday, 16th October.
  2. Ace Time 18th October for Lower Primary and 19th October for Upper Primary both are from 9-10am.
  3. IBPYP Parent Workshop will run straight after Ace Time 10-11.30am in Eco 1.
  4. Parent Consultations Tuesday, 31st October 2.30 - 6.30pm .
  5. Phonics Workshop Tuesday, 31st October 1.30 - 2.30pm .

Useful dates for next week

  1. Tuesday, 10th October Boys Football Team match vs Gower at Home.
  2. Thursday, 12th  October Lower School  Open House Day (for potential new local families to visit the school) Also on Tuesday, 10th October Open House takes place in the Upper School.
  3. Friday, October 13th: Year 6 Bushcraft Assembly 9-9.20am.

Super Question and Language of the Week

Our Super Question last week was: Who is on the back of the new £10 note?

Miya (in Year 6) was the first student with the correct answer: Jane Austen. We also discussed one of her books: Pride and Prejudice and Ruby in Reception brought in a counting book based on Pride and Prejudice. Well done Miya and Ruby!


Our Super Question this week is to find out  Who recently said we will be travelling by rocket soon, and that it will only take us 29 minutes from London to New York? 


We introduced a Thunk this week - a thunk is a question designed to make your brain go ouch. I have been impressed with the response from the students to our Thunk of the week which is:

What colour is Monday? It certainly made my brain go ouch! Next week we will be sharing some answers and discussing why certain colours were chosen.


We also introduced our Language of the Week: Italian. We have many children who like learning Italian, who are from Italy or who have spent time in Italy so thank-you to all, particulary Saranya in Year 5.


Ci vediamo!


Have a good weekend.

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal


Dwight Parent Association News and Events

Charity Run for Cancer Research UK
Our Parent Ambassador Coordinator is doing a Race for Life event this week for charity. If you would like to support her you can donate via her just giving page here.

Out and About Events for Parents


East London Food Tour

Come with us as we explore the food history and culture of the East End. Wander down the 'curry mile' while you sample samosas and Indian sweets; learn the history of the pie; taste the fish and chips voted as "Best in London" year after year; peruse the hippest food trucks in town; nosh on a salt beef beigel and finish with a sweet American import. This food tour of London is completely unique in that you design your own menu.  Your guide will bring you to the best cafes and shops in East London and explain their history and specialties - but you decide and purchase what you would like to eat.  Sites and topics covered on the tour:

  • The history of the East End
  • French immigration and influence on food
  • The history of British classics like fish & chips and pie & mash
  • The 'Curry Mile' and the UK's love of Indian food
  • An overview of the high end dining options in the area
  • The hot new trends of food trucks and craft beer
  • Jewish immigration and the local love of salt beef beigels-Modern American influence on tasty treats


Date: Thursday, 12th October

Meet: 10:15am at McDonalds, Liverpool Street Station, London EC2M 7QH

Tour lasts about 2 hours

Cost: No upfront costs for the tour. Suggested sampling costs £10-15 and a tip for the tour guide.

Tickets: Reservation REQUIRED. Click the link below to reserve your spot. Click on 12th Oct, find the 10:30am East London Food Tour, and book! Book early to avoid disappointment.

http://www.freetoursbyfoot. com/london-tours/book-online/


Please let Michele – michele@seanoneill. com know when you book so she can look out for you! 

Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion Exhibit @ the V&A Museum

Discover how Cristobal Balenciaga's exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs shaped modern fashion. The exhibit examines the work and legacy of the influential Spanish couturier with over 100 pieces crafted by the master of couture, his protégées and contemporary fashion designers working in the same innovative tradition.

Date: Friday, 10th November

Meet: 9:00am West Finchley tube station or 9:45am at the V&A Museum main ticketing entrance – Cromwell Road London SW7 2RL – for a 10am timed entry into the exhibit.

Cost: £12 for tickets

Tickets: Pre-booking is essential. Click this link to book your own ticket for the 10am entrance on 10th November. exhibitions/balenciaga- shaping-fashion


After the exhibit we can peruse more of the museum or have lunch as a group.


Please let Michele – know when you book so she knows who is joining.


Tuesday - 10 October 2017
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Thursday - 12 October 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Monday - 16 October 2017
All day

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