Friday, 6th October 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

This week we continued with our ongoing Unit of Inquiry about Stories.


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • using red, blue and yellow paint, we learnt about primary colours and then mixed our own colours and named them. We also added white to lighten the colours.
  • last week we asked the children to tell us who reads to them and the overwhelming response was Mum and Dad. We then showed the children video clips of themselves playing to demonstrate that they are story tellers too. They were amazed when they saw themselves using their imagination and creating their own stories through their play.
  • we used the book Dear Zoo all week and showed the children different ways of telling the story, for example; reading the book, using masks and acting it out, using shadow puppets and small world toys.
  • in the garden we played with water beads and enjoyed tipping and pouring them into bottles and containers and making various concoctions in the mud kitchen.
  • as a way to get the children writing and mark-making we put order pads and post-it notes in the role play cafe. The children soon started making their own menus and orders.
  • We had some snipping activities and reminded the children about using scissors safely.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • the children are learning to tune into sounds and played some guessing games such as Noisy Neighbour, match the noise to the animals and sound lotto games.
  • in Maths the children used number fans (1 - 10 and some up to 20) to recognise numbers.
  • we played a bingo game where we matched numbers.
  • the children took turns to clap a simple rhythm and the other children had to copy.

  Learning in Reception:

  • '11' was the number of the week. We played a game called 11's, counted out 11 objects and wrote the number on post-it notes. We also used the large abacus to introduce the children to place value.
  • using a number spinner we worked on recognising numbers up to 20.
  • we have been given a giant abacus and used it to count to 100 and started talking about place value.
  • we counted the number of claps - a really good game for concentration.
  • the children played rhyming games by matching objects together that rhyme. We also played Odd One Out where the children had to identify which word did not rhyme.
  • using the game I Spy, we changed the game to I Spy With My Little Eye, Something Rhyming With.
  • we learnt about the sounds s,a,t and tried to write the letters on whiteboards. We sorted words beginning with these sounds and played lots of games to reinforce this skill.
  • using some rhymes to help us, we wrote numbers on whiteboards.


We would like to start collecting empty boxes and containers for junk modelling. Ideally we would like small boxes, tubes, yogurt pots and plastic bottles so if you could send these items to school, that would be great.

This week we had a focus on the story Dear Zoo (you can listen to the story by clicking here)

Can you draw a picture of the animal that you would like the zoo to send you? Why do you want them to send you that animal?


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