Dear Parents

A reminder that we have two upcoming Parent Workshops next week. Please see descriptions below for more information:


Monday, 16th October: How to discuss sex with your teenager - 6.30pm Jubilee Hall

Healthy relationships workshop aimed to parents of M1 to D2 students. Dwight parents from the Lower School who wish to attend this event are also welcome.

Talking to young people about their sexual health can be a daunting experience. A guest speaker from Brook will explain the importance of an open dialogue between parents and their children. The workshop will offer an opportunity for parents to confront their views and approaches to parenting regarding the topics of healthy relationships and sexual health. The conversation will be facilitated by Mrs. Soteriou who kindly volunteered to support the organisation and delivery of this event. For more information please visit: Brook's website at To sign up for this wokshop, please click here.


Wednesday, 18th October: Taking Action - 6.30pm Lower School Library.

At Dwight School London, we strive to provide students with opportunities to choose, to act, and to reflect on their actions in order to make a difference – all of which are an integral part of the Primary Years Programme. The actions students take in the Lower School will look different at each year level and may require appropriate adult support in making choices and facilitating students' efforts. This session will explore what this might look like for your child and how best you can support them. To sign up for this wokshop, please click here.


Kind regards


Alison Cobbin

Head of School


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