Friday, 3rd November 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:


● We revisited our ongoing Unit of Inquiry about stories by looking at Dear Zoo. The children wrote their own letter to the zoo asking for an animal that they wanted.

● We have started learning songs for our end of term show so if your child is singing about penguins, that is why! We will communicate costume requirements as soon as we have finalised the last few details.

● The children worked with clay by removing their shoes and standing on the clay. As they used their senses to explore, we wrote down the wonderful things they were saying and have started to make a display in the studio

●The school role play area has been popular this week. Before the half term break we observed the children pretending to be Miss Tomlin and Mrs Voica so we made them their own mini school. There has been a lot of mark making and writing happening which is fantastic!

● Lots of interesting models are being made with the empty boxes and packets that you have kindly sent to school. Crocodiles are a popular choice so we would like to collect more egg boxes if possible please

●We went on a journey to Highgate woods to observe Autumn and experience the sounds in a woodland

 Learning in Kindergarten:

● Singing and rhyming are part of the daily routine in our circle time

● We played a rhyming bingo game where children had to find words that rhyme to complete their board

● We played a game of rhyming I spy. I spy with my little eye. Something that rhymes with hat….cat

● We read a book called "My cat likes to hide in boxes." The story has predictable rhymes and I stop as I come to the final word in the rhyme so children can complete it

● In Maths we learned about measurement and ordering by length and height. The children had to count the dinosaurs from the counting jar and order them from the biggest to the smallest

● We used the Russian dolls to order by size and we also cut printable Russian dolls and stuck them in order on a piece a paper

  Learning in Reception:

● So far in our Phonics lessons we have covered the sounds: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck  and are starting to try and learn the key words: is, in, it, as, a, I, and (the aim is for the children to be able to recognise these as a whole word rather than sound them out)  There will be an additional homework task every Friday so please check in your tray at the end of the day

● We are working hard to form the above letters in a cursive style of handwriting and we used salt trays and whiteboards to practise this week

● One of our skills for our Unit of Inquiry is 'group decision making' and we set the children a challenge to work together in pairs, choosing the 5 blocks that they felt could make the tallest tower

● I am including some of the number formation rhymes we are using in our maths lessons so you can reinforce at home. Remember this doesn't need to always be with a pencil. It can be writing in the air with a finger, or on the shower door, with sticks in sand or mud etc  The link to the cards we are using can be found here  but I will also put a paper copy in your tray

● In Maths, we used the abacus and a 100 square to count to 100 both in 1's and 10's

● The children were introduced to my puppet 'Rory the Lion' and they taught Rory how to write the caption 'cats and dogs.'

Action Homework

KG - Play 'I Spy' with rhyming words "I spy with my little eye something rhyming with…"


Reception - There is a Phonics activity coming home - please check in your tray


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