Friday, 3rd November 2017

Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School

Welcome back , I trust you had a nice half-term break.


Learning in the Lower School

Since our last newsletter we have had a House Spirit Day which was a splendid event. One of the many benefits was that it really helped us to get to know everyone . It was great to see Year 1 children meeting and working with M5 (Year 11/Grade 10) students with the same purpose of promoting their houses. We are planning more House Spirit Days throughout the rest of the academic year to continue to build team spirit and relationships across the Upper and Lower school.

On Thursday, Year 3 enjoyed a visit to the Royal Academy of Art. They spent time  looking at the work of Jasper Johns and developing their own Jasper Johns style  of art using numbers, letters and paints. All staff commented how very impressed they were by the "sensible" "responsible" and "amazing" Year 3 class and the Royal Academy informed us that they were particularly impressed with some of the questions- notably from Grant - Well done Year 3!

Our swimming team have started their practice sessions ready for two upcoming interschool swimming competitions : Good luck to our Lower School Swimming Team:  Tess, Elisa, Audrey,Sofia, Haruki, Sachin, Filippo, Yoni, Josh, Theo, Alex B, Koutarou, Eliza, Alex H, Karina, Sofia, Miya and Freya

Our Kindergarten and Reception class visited Highgate Wood this week. As the trees start to shed their leaves, our youngest children took the opportunity to search for the sights and sounds of autumn. 

Our Girls Football Team have been practising their football skills this week. They have a match next week, it is their first match of the season. We want to wish them all good luck. The squad consists of : Ellis, Natsuki, Tess, Lola, Gali, Reina, Audrey, Eliza, Ava, Gloria, Emma, Nolen, Tamar, Elina, Sofia, Kana, Karina, Alex and Miya.

We start our Wow Lessons next week. Year 1 will be the first class to experience this. Wow Lessons are lessons that we provide that are outside of the school curriculum. They are meant to elicit the response "wow" hence they are called Wow Lessons. Year 1 will have yoga lessons. Year 6 are scheduled to have their Wow Lessons next, they will be taught how to be trained First Aiders.

Finally congratulations to Eliza, Reina, Antoni, Saranya and Audrey. They were the first five students to get "5-Certificate Sparky" . 


Dwight Parent Association Events for Lower School

The DPA  organised an event for our Year 3-6 students who were invited to come to our Halloween Disco on Friday, 3rd November from 6.30-8pm, and looked very scary too!!!

Their next Lower School-based event will be the Winter Fair which this year is going to be a little different. We will be hosting it on Thursday December 13th in the afternoon. We hope you can join us then; further details to follow...


Student Council News

The Student Council chose the food that they will sell at the Student Council shop . We tried several snacks in our taste challenge and finally voted for some healthy fruit snacks,Rice Krispie squares, rice crackers and water. We have now set the prices and we will start selling  it all in the next few weeks. All of the profits will go to our neighbours, The North London Hospice. This is a very local charity that we have supported now for over 3 years. The Hospice has developed a good relationship with us and we often help out at one another's events . If you want to find out more about the hospice please click here

Nice Playground! 
One of the things that has changed at school during the half term break was our playground. Playtime is a key element in all schools as it helps children get more balance in their education, take more exercise, and  develop relationships with other children including those from outside of their year group . I was very pleased to see many smiles on Monday when the children saw our new resurfaced playground. Both the top and bottom playground now have a purpose built spongy surface. The EYFS play area has also had some of the older activity sites replaced too.


Dwight Radio

Our radio programme continues to grow and  thrive. We have been sharing shows for our students to listen to at break and lunch in the Relaxation Station. We have received some great feedback about our radio programme. Click here to visit our Dwight Radio page and tune in.

Parent Consultations.

Thank-you to everyone who visited us this week as part of the Parent Consultations. Our goal is always to work together to benefit your child and it was very pleasing to meet with new parents and hear about how they are enjoying Dwight and the impact that the school is having on their child.


  • It is the time for fireworks in the UK ! Please remember to stay safe and to follow the firework code:

Key dates for this term

Useful diary dates for next week
  1. Year 5 visit the Brands Museum 7/11/17
  2. Girls Football Training 6/11/17 and match 7/11/17
  3. Year 4 visit the Upper School on 8/11/17
  4. School Individual Photos 9/11/17
  5. Boys Football Match vs King Alfred School on Friday 10/11/17
  6. Children In Need is on Friday 17/11/17

Useful dates for the next half term

  1. Swimming competitions 16/11/17 and 20/11/17
  2. Maths Day 21/11/17
  3. Book Fair starts week of 20/11/17
  4. Flu jabs are on 28/11/17
  5. Christmas Shows for  Lower Primary Students  will be on 5/12/17 and 6/12/17 

Super Question and Language of the Week

Our Super Question last week was:   What happened in the UK 30 years ago on October 1987? Theo in Y5 correctly informed us that the UK witnessed the Great Storm. Luckily the UK has not had such a bad storm for the last 30 years! 


Our Super Question this week is Who is the new Prime Minister of New Zealand?


Our Language  of the week next week is going to be Turkish, hopefully someone in the school will be able to help us learn a little Turkish!


Have a good firework-friendly weekend 

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal


Dwight Parent Association News and Events

Out and About Events for Parents


Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion Exhibit @ the V&A Museum

Discover how Cristobal Balenciaga's exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs shaped modern fashion. The exhibit examines the work and legacy of the influential Spanish couturier with over 100 pieces crafted by the master of couture, his protégées and contemporary fashion designers working in the same innovative tradition.

Date: Friday, 10th November

Meet: 9:00am West Finchley tube station or 9:45am at the V&A Museum main ticketing entrance – Cromwell Road London SW7 2RL – for a 10am timed entry into the exhibit.

Cost: £12 for tickets

Tickets: Pre-booking is essential. Click here to book your own ticket for the 10am entrance on 10th November.


After the exhibit we can peruse more of the museum or have lunch as a group.


Please let Michele – know when you book so she knows who is joining.


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