Friday, 10th November 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • the children 'met' clay again and started to move it onto the tabletop to manipulate the clay into smaller parts. Some children made snails and others placed small clay balls onto pine cones.
  • we started to look at labels in our Literacy lessons and the children went around the school looking for labels and talking about what they are used for e.g so we know what something is, who it belongs to, if it is safe etc.
  • following an interest in aeroplanes linked to our Journeys Unit of Inquiry, we made an airport role play area. We have enhanced this further with a laptop and baggage check-in and have been really impressed with the language we have heard and all the mark making that is happening .
  • after our trip to Highgate Woods last week, we collected sticks for sawing. The children have been learning how to clamp the stick to the work bench and saw safely. We also used cable ties to join the sticks together to make hanging mobiles.
  • the children initiated an activity whereby they made a seesaw with a plank of wood. This game evolved to the point where it became a launcher and a group of children worked together to try and launch themselves to the moon. They even packed a picnic for the journey!
  • the model-building area has remained popular so we will continue this for the next week.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • we have developed understanding of alliteration - words beginning with the same sound. We have included lots of simple tongue twisters to ensure that the children enjoy experimenting with words that are alliterative eg Peter Piper…, Betty Botter..
  • we have listened to the Alliteration Song and read Dr Seuss' ABC book.
  • we played a dice game where we rolled the dice and clapped the number.
  • we played Bread Roll game where children had to roll the dice and match the number of the dots on bread playdough.

  Learning in Reception:

  • following our work about labels, the children made their own model with Duplo and wrote a simple label explaining what they had made. These are displayed in the classroom. Whenever the children built models for the rest of the week, we encouraged them to make a label for it.
  • in phonics, we looked at the sounds: ck, u and e. We played a variety of games to build words with these sounds. We also tried to write the caption A red cat.
  • in Maths we were playing lots of games using dice to try and get the children subitising. I showed the children different quantities of dots very quickly and asked them to estimate how many dots there were and write it on a post it note. We noticed it was much easier to recognise the dots that were arranged in familiar patterns.
  • we made a game where the children had to roll a dice, recognise the number and move an animal on a game board.
  • we worked on forming the letters: a, c, o, d (using cursive script)


  • We would like to collect costumes for our show, Penguin Pete. All of the children will be penguins except for Andrey, Robert and Mika who will be monkeys. We need all of the costumes to be in school no later than Monday, 27th November please. If you need any help or suggestions, please just ask.

Action Homework

We will be looking at the journey a letter takes in the next 2 weeks and this will involve a walk to the post office.

We would love to make a display of postcards from around the world. Can you ask a relative (either living overseas or locally) to send us a postcard to school? We would love to talk about the places where the postcards started their journey and locate the place on a map. Please ask your relatives to send the postcards to the following:

Name of your Child

The Lodge

Dwight School London,

49 Woodside Avenue


N12 8SY


Dwight School London

6, Friern Barnet Lane. N11 3LX | +44 208 920 0600