Friday, 10th November 2017

Lower School Newsletter


Learning in the Lower School

There has been a lot of learning taking place in the Lower School this week.

Year 1 have started their Wow lessons, they are learning about yoga.  They were visited by their Yoga Bugs teacher and did some stretches, rolls and poses designed to invigorate their minds and bodies.


On Wednesday, Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the Upper School. They were met by Mr. Carpenter, one of the Upper School Science teachers. The Year 4 classes are both looking at a unit featuring the  properties of materials and Mr. Carpenter helped Year 4 learn how to safely use a Bunsen Burner.

The students also completed some experiments involving nails and iron filings that even demonstrated the properties of  a firework. ( yes a firework!!)

Year 6 have started their Unit about the Human Body and their lovely work on body systems has now been completed and is on display in the corridor. During the rest of the year they will be finding out more about body systems, as well as learning about sex and relationships education and first aid.


Year 5 visited the Brands Museum on Tuesday as part of their Unit of Inquiry into advertising. They really enjoyed their day and behaved very well indeed. They are scheduled to visit the Design Museum next Monday as part of the same unit.

On Thursday we entered a Maths Team for an inter-school competition - Thanks to Miya, Yu, Yoni and Theo for representing the Lower School. We will find out how they got on next week.

Our Girls Football Team had their first ever match. Mr. Rehman and Mr. Nyanhi commented that we played with an attack-minded formation against a well established girls team eventually losing both matches.

Our Boys Football team played last Friday, Mr. Williams was pleased with the boys' performances. The A team won 6-1 with goals from Ori, Antoni x3, Josh and the B team lost 4-2 with goals from Lorenzo and Sachin. The next Boys Football Team match is Friday, 10th November.

Our Lower School Swimming Team are continuing to practise. They are scheduled for their first Inter-School competition on the afternoon of Thursday,16th November. It takes place at Barnet Copthall pool and should finish by 4.00pm. We have asked parents of the swimmers to pick them up from the pool as the event could take longer than expected. I am looking forward to attending as I know that our team have worked hard and we have done well in this tournament over the last few years.

Finally, it is that time of year when our Kindergarten, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students start to practice their Christmas Show. This year the show is called Penguin Pete. The students have lots of words, songs, dances and directions to learn and over the next few weeks. They will be performing on Tuesday, 5th December and Wednesday, 6th December from 9-10am in our hall. Tickets are limited to two per family. You may also be keen to know that straight after both performances we are running a Phonics workshop from 10-11am that will provide an oversight of the phonics programme and how you can support your child's progress in this very important area, To reserve tickets for the show, please click here. To reserve seats for one of the workshops, please click here.

Dwight Parent Association Events for Lower School

The DPA is organising the Winter Fair which due to popular demand is going to be a little different this year. We are going to be risk takers and run the event on Thursday, 14th December from 2-4pm in the afternoon rather than on a Saturday. We think that by having it during the school day it will mean that more children will have the opportunity to be involved and hopefully more parents will come and join us too. Look out for some of the activities that we are running in the newsletter next week.


Student Council Shop

Our school shop will open from Friday, 17th November. We will be selling fruit snacks, Rice Krispie squares, rice crackers and water. We have ordered the stock, set the prices, arranged the baskets, and advertised on Dwight Radio, posters and in assembly.  All of the profits will go to our neighbours: The North London Hospice.

Upper School International Evening! 
It is the Upper School International Evening on Tuesday, 21st November. This is a very popular event. The Upper School have kindly invited all Year 5 and Year 6 students and their parents to attend if they wish. It takes place at the Jubilee building from 6.00-8.30pm. During the evening you can meet with lots of students from all over the world who give you an insight into their countries, cuisine and why it is so important to their culture. I hope to see you there!


Spotacular Non-Uniform Day

On Friday, 17th November it is Children in Need day. We are asking all children to come to school in non-school uniform and to have spots! - therefore it is a spotacular non-uniform day. We ask that children give a donation for dressing up and throughout the day we will be showing the children why Children in Need is such a great local and international charity. For more info see their website:

Dwight Radio

Our radio programme continues to grow and  thrive. We have been sharing shows for our students to listen to at break and lunch in the Relaxation StationWe have received some great feedback about our radio programme. Click here to visit our Dwight Radio page and tune in.


Book Fair

As you are aware it is our Book fair starting on Tuesday, 21st November. On Friday our Year 5 students launched two Book Fair competitions.  Design a book mark and Guess the page number! They are currently completing their unit on advertising so they launched the competition as part of their unit. On Friday, 17th November It is their class assembly and they will be sharing their learning about advertising and how they applied this learning to advertise the Lower School Book Fair.


  • It is now getting darker and colder. please ensure your children bring labelled coats, hats and scarves. We do expect children to play in the rain unless it is torrential.
  • Parking is at a premium and the end of the school day can be a bit of a rush. Please check that you can park where you have parked and be aware of children crossing the road in the dark.

Key dates for this term

Useful diary dates for next week
  1. Year 5 visit the Design Museum Monday, 13th November
  2. SRE & NY Meeting  8.45am Tuesday, 14th November
  3. Yoga for Year 1 on Wednesday, 15th November
  4. Swimming Competition on Thursday, 16th November
  5. Year 5 Assembly on Friday, 17th November
  6. Children In Need is on Friday, 17th November

Useful dates for the next half term

  1. Swimming competitions 16th & 20th November
  2. Maths Day is on 21st November
  3. Book Fair starts week of 20th November
  4. Flu jabs are on 28th November
  5. Christmas Shows for Lower Primary Students will be on 5th & 6th December
  6. Young Voices starts in preparation for their concert in January 2018. For those of you who have joined please click here for more details and to formally sign up for Young Voices.

Super Question and Language of the Week

Our Super Question last week was: Who is the new Prime Minister of New Zealand? Andrew in Year 3 brilliantly informed us that it was Jacinda Arden. He gets a sparky for being knowledgeable.


Our Super Question this week is Who is the leader of the EU? 


Our Language of the week was Turkish, Demir in Year 6 helped us say good morning. Gunaydir. Next week we shall try....... Polish!


Have a good  weekend 

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal



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