Friday, 10th November 2017

Upper School Newsletter

Upper School News

Thank you to so many parents who came to the student teacher parent conferences today and yesterday evening. I was pleased with the success of the event and would welcome feedback by email on how we can continue to improve these biannual events.


We have a very important evening for M5 students and parents after school next Tuesday, 14th November, where we will be discussing IB Diploma Programme options for next year. All Diploma teachers will be available for students from 5.30pm to 6.45pm in the Dwight Cafe Diploma Fair for one to one chats about all the subjects and teachers will be providing course outlines. At 7.00pm we are all invited to the library for a presentation led by Ms. McCaffrey on broader advice and information about the Diploma programme. This is a must attend event for M5 students and we will be talking about plans for this group as they finish their IBMYP studies.


My theme this week is taking the initiative as we have been delighted to see so many examples emerging from the students. The call to challenge yourselves and remember to support others this year is resonating with many in all aspects of the school.

This week for example four students in M1, Sammy, Herbie, Zyan and Jasim, entirely on their own initiative, announced to the staff and students that they were going to take on the H2O Challenge to support the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Initiative), a cause that Sammy felt very strongly about supporting. Apart from writing off for fundraising tins, t-shirts and putting up posters, the boys took action to show they were willing to challenge themselves. For 10 days or more the boys will drink only water (no juice, soda, coffee or tea) to show solidarity and self-control. Well done boys and good luck with your bake sale on Friday 17th. Collection boxes can be found in both Dwight and Jubilee receptions


A group student initiative being led by Teodor, Mira and a committee of students is the student led Talent Show being held in Jubilee Hall next Thursday, 16th November at 6.30pm. We have an array of talent   participating with the top three talent winners going on to perform at the Dwight Parent Association International Evening on the 21st November (see below).

The students have been working hard at break and lunchtime to organise the event and we'll see what they can pull off with only a little adult assistance. The students would like to plan for the numbers attending so students and parents please click here to reserve a seat. Attendance is free but the students will be collecting at the door for their three respective House service campaigns.

I had the pleasure of taking a small group of students to Westminster this week for a political outing involving a student Question Time to faith leaders of many religions and some politicians. It was held in a church next door to Parliament and Westminster Abbey and we were represented by Ezekiel, Eleonor and Ion. Ion took the initiative and posed a provocative question on the government support for the security services to the Conservative MP to great applause and all students were chosen from the large group to have tea afterwards with the panellists and were very engaged with the debate.


You may recall the newsletter piece about Ahaan in M3 who trains and competes in the UK in open air swimming. We received an email last week about Ahaan competing in the Kenyan National Championships there. The event took place in Mombasa amid semi hurricane conditions, heavy rain and sun and sometimes all three! Ahaan represented the Otters Swim Club, with excellent results. In the Open men's 1,500m free he took silver medal with a national record for 12 - 13 year olds. In the Open men's 400m free he took bronze medal and in the Boys 12/13 100m free he took gold! He even got a further two gold medals in the relays! Well done Ahaan!

Sports News

For this week's football and netball updates, please click here!

Upcoming Trips

On Tuesday 14th November, M2 students who study French will be going to Bread Ahead, a bakery in Borough Market. They will be participating to an exciting bread baking workshop led in French, as a follow up to Unit 1 - Bon appétit in which they study the vocabulary of food and quantities. The  workshop combines the bread making process with a whole lot of imagination. Students will be guided through the bread making process, and get hands on to shape their breads in different styles before baking. Students will need a packed lunch and their Oyster Card. The students, Mrs. Rodrigue and Ms. Villate will leave school at 8.50am and return at 2.40pm which means all students will be able to attend their Period 7 activity.


On Tuesday, 14th November Diploma Students take part in Safe Drive, Stay Alive Road Safety Campaign. This is an event with powerful, personal testimonies designed to make the audience aware of the tragedy and suffering a road traffic collision can cause. This innovative road safety campaign is free of charge for schools and is aimed at young people, aged between 16 and 18, who may be new drivers, about to learn to drive or passengers in cars driven by their peers. It is run in partnership with London local authorities, London Ambulance Service, London Fire Service, the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London.


On Thursday, 16th November DP Biology students will be attending a series of lectures by various researchers across the country. The students are able to find out what is happening at the forefront of what they are studying, and explore career options with some of today's leading scientists. The exhibition is free for them to attend, but your child will need an optional packed lunch (or money for lunch) and their Oyster Card for travel to and from the centre. They will need to make their own way from home and meet at St James's Park Underground station at 10am. It takes place at the Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3DW from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Arts Events

;There is  a Diploma 2 Theatre Presentation on Friday, 17th November at 6.30pm in the Jubilee Hall. The D2 students have written two contrasting, experimental  plays which last approximately 20 minutes each.   Everyone is welcome and we are very keen to receive feedback afterwards; there will be a question and answer session with students, in which we hope you will participate!


Dwight School London has been offered the opportunity once again to participate in an extra-curricular activity called Film Skool, which Mrs. Kennedy has successfully run for several years. Mr Alam comes to the school for five evenings (3.50 - 5.00pm) from January to teach the students and then our team work with the students on the subsequent Wednesdays nights until we have perfected the film scripts. The students then film at the weekends and get a cinematographer in to help them. The premiere for last term's films is Saturday, 27th January 2018  at the Curzon Cinema in Mayfair. The activity is open to students from M1-D1, more information and registration can be found on your child's WisePay account.


M5 students are invited to see the production of Tin Drum at Shoreditch Town Hall Theatre 380 Old Street London EC1V 9LT on Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 7.15pm. For more details and to reserve a place for your son/daughter, please go to your their WisePay account.


Young Voices have starting practicing at lunchtime in preparation for the event in January 2018. We have set up a web page especially where you can find information about the event here, the web page includes details on how to reserve tickets, information can also be found on the WisePay accounts of students in M1-M3.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Andy Atkinson

Upper School Principal

Sing Sing Sing

Come and join the fun at the Dwight Community Choir, the social singing event for parents and staff at Dwight Jubilee Hall.
Upcoming rehearsal date: Wednesday, 15th November from 5-6.30pm at the Jubilee Campus, 6 Friern Barnet Lane, N11 3LX. Text or call Jan Kraft for details: 07941 078674.


Dwight Parent Association News and Events

On Tuesday, 21st November, Dwight Upper School and the DPA will be hosting our annual International Evening from 6-8.30pm in Jubilee Hall.


This is a fantastic community event where we celebrate the internationalism of our school, and sample foods from around the world.


It is a real family night out, where parents are asked to donate a dish from their home country, which would serve about 8 to 10 people. It's also a great opportunity for you and your children to dress up in your national costumes - or wear your national football team top! You can decorate your table with pictures or fun memorabilia from your home country too.




Come as a family, donate a dish and sample foods from around the world! Wine and soft drinks will be on sale. We'll also have performances from the winners of the Dwight Talent Show, and some great Dwight musicians.


There's no entrance fee, but we'll be taking donations on the door for the Nepalese Schools Project, chosen as this year's Upper School charity by the students.

If you can donate food or decorations for International Evening, we'd be grateful if you could let us know what you'll be bringing, and from which country, so that we can set up accordingly. If you'd like us to connect you with families from your country, you can indicate that on the form. Please click here to complete the form.


We look forward to celebrating our internationalism with you!


Dwight Upper School and Dwight Parent Association



Tuesday - November 14, 2017
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