Friday, 17th November 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • The children continued to play with the clay and moulded it with their hands.
  • Our airport role play area has again been very popular. We added a laptop and the children are enjoying typing on there and checking in the passengers.
  • We received a letter from our garden fairies telling us they were unhappy because it is cold and they had no shelter. They told us they wouldn't be able to come back until we built them some houses. The children wrote letters to them asking them to return and some children built houses for them.
  • We talked about ways that a piece of paper (a letter) could go on a journey. There were lots of suggestions of paper aeroplanes which we thought was very creative!
  • The children picked a name from a pot and made a letter for that friend. We then made a journey to High Barnet Post Office in order to post the letter. We are waiting to see if the letters end up in your houses!
  • We had a focus on 2D shapes and learnt about their names and properties
  • Penguin Pete is coming along nicely and we are all (teachers included) singing the songs as we go about our daily jobs.
  • There has been a lot of mark making in the garden with the chalks. We always love to see children choosing to write.
  • In the garden, the children made themselves an obstacle course using loose parts. We will extend this theme next week.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • We have continued to  develop understanding of alliteration - words beginning with the same sound - and we read the book Silly Sally.
  • We used the mystery box to find the initial sound in simple words eg duck, dog, cat, car, snake and sausage.
  • We assessed the shapes by playing a game called Cross the River where children had to ask permission from  Mr Wizard to cross his river. They were able to cross the river if they could show the correct shape.
  • We listened to the Square Song and collected square things from the classroom and then we made squares using lollipop sticks.
  • We used more than/fewer than when talking about numbers e.g. cubes in a bag - how many do you think there are in the bag.
  • Lots of wonderful models have been made with our recyclable materials. We are going to introduce some different joining techniques next week.

  Learning in Reception:

  • We went on a shape hunt. The children had a clipboard and had to record the shapes that they found in the garden and tell us the name of the shape.
  • We played a shape comparison game. We held up different shapes and asked What is the same about these shapes, what is different? We also held up shapes and asked why is this not a circle? and why is this not a square?
  • In phonics we learnt the sounds: e, u, r and learnt to read words with these sounds.
  • We wrote simple captions such as a cat and dog, a red cat, and some children had the words on cards that they had to put into the correct sequence.
  • We continue to work on letter formation using a cursive script.


  • Please continue to send costumes for Penguin Pete. We would like all costumes in school by Monday, 27th November.

  • We now have enough junk modelling resources so we do not need anymore for the moment. Thank you!

Action Homework

Kindergarten: Please make a poster with square things from your house.


Reception: We are starting word boxes. These contain any keywords that we have introduced during our phonics lessons that week. The aim is to be able to read these words on sight, without needing to sound them out. Tricky words have a blue spot on them. These are words that we cannot sound out and just have be be learnt as a whole word. We will add new words every Friday.


We would also still really like to encourage relatives sending postcards to the children at school so we can talk about the journey that it made. We had two cards arriving for Denmark this week which was very exciting!


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