Friday, 24th November 2017

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • Our new spaceship role play area has proved very popular with children spending the whole of Monday morning in it. We have now  added two Chromebooks and the children have their own username and password to sign in whenever they want.

  • The children were very happy to inform us that they received the letters we posted last Friday and some of them even wrote a letter back to the person that wrote to them.

  • Some children have received letters from their relatives that live in different countries. We looked at a world map to see the journey that the postcards made to reach London. Please continue to ask your relatives to send postcards to school as we are making a display with all the cards and we will give them back soon.

  • We have made a laser field in the garden and the children navigated their way through it to rescue a lost rabbit and even Miss Tomlin!
  • We continued to learn about 2D and 3D shapes.
  • The children have been practising every day for the Christmas show.
  • We have received a video from an alien that was very pleased with our interest in launching to the moon game we played in the garden and asked us to draw (KG)/ write (Rec) a list of things we need to go on a trip to the moon. The children came up with brilliant ideas and most of them wanted to take mummy and daddy but also a toilet and a picnic.
  • We enjoyed a treasure hunt during Maths Day. The children went in small groups around the school and solved various Maths problems e.g. estimate how many books in the basket, arrange objects by size  etc. At the end all children received a prize.
  • Our clay area is still popular and children have learned to make cups out of clay. We are waiting for them to dry and then we will paint over them.
  • On Friday morning we visited Oak Hill Park in East Barnet where we collected sticks and conkers.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • During phonics we have been thinking of alliterative names for aliens such as Ping Pong Pang or Ming Mong Ming and we made our own aliens from coloured paper.
  • We pretended to be robots and talk like robots when saying CVC words. We used Metal Mike to practise this.
  • We played an interactive whiteboard game where children had a turn to find words beginning with a given sound in order to make a smoothie.
  • We focused on sorting objects by colour, size and shape. We also had a messy box that needed sorting and children worked really hard to find every object belonging in the right category.
  • We played a bingo shape game where children had to name and match the shapes.

  Learning in Reception:

  • We learned the new sounds: u, r, e, b and tried to read and write words containing all of the sounds we have learned so far.
  • The children tried really hard to write simple captions.
  • We made a game to reinforce our segmenting and blending skills when reading short, decodable words.
  • In maths we talked about the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.
  • We found out what the children understood by the word sorting and provided them with a variety of materials to demonstrate their understanding they came up with some great suggestions like: by colour, by size or whether they liked the item or not.
  • The children were introduced to two ways of sorting shapes. A Venn diagram and a Carroll diagram.


  • All costumes for the play need to be at school by Monday. This is because we are having our photos taken for the Show Guide.
  • We are going to Willow's Farm on Thursday. Please take note of the weather for that day and dress your child accordingly. Many of the activities take place outside and it can be quite breezy up at the farm. If your child has packed lunch please bring this as normal. Children that usually have a school dinner will be provided with a packed lunch by the school.

Action Homework

Kindergarten: Please reinforce the properties of basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle and triangle) with your child at home. Extend the activity with hexagon, pentagon and octagon.

Reception: Please look for the Phonics activity in your tray as well as looking for the new words in the word boxes


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