Friday, 24th November 2017

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Upper School News

The term is flying by, we are only three weeks away from the winter holidays and it's been another busy week of learning and fun at school.

International Evening
Last Tuesday evening the Dwight Parent Association (DPA) organised our annual community event, the International Evening, and by all accounts it was a great success! Kate Hicks-Beech and her team were delighted with the high turnout, the delicious variety of food, the brilliant entertainment of Talent Show winners and musical groups. Indeed we would like to highlight the musical revelation of the evening which was the Country Band, recently formed on an initiative by a group of  D1 students who practice on their own every Tuesday after school. There was also excellent traditional dancing from the Japanese students and we auctioned off a student painting for an astonishing £120! All proceeds of the evening from the bar, entry donations and auction have been kindly donated by the DPA to the Upper School's Nepal Project Fund. We hope you enjoyed the evening. More photos of the evening can be found on our school Facebook page.

Student Theatre

Last Friday evening we were treated to some provocative and thoughtful drama plays from the D2 theatre students led by Fiona Kennedy and Jacob Done. The first performance took us to the USA for a look over time at racial tensions in society. The students wrote, staged and performed a powerful piece which directly challenged the audience and reminded us of how progress towards defeating racial prejudice continues.


The second play examined the theme of heartbreak through an evocative and very strong physical performance. With choreographed sections, monologues and thoughtful projections with music, we witnessed the impact of heartbreak on our bodies and minds. The two plays were punctuated with refreshments and interactive Q&A sessions so there was lots of learning for the performers and audience. The amount of work and effort that goes into these evenings is impressive and we congratulate the eight DP2 students whose performances are assessments for their IB Diploma examinations. The season continues next Friday, 1st December at 6.30pm in the Jubilee Hall with performances by the D1 group of three Chekhov short stories. We hope to see you there!



Our new PHE teacher, Jovan Masilungan, has been running a basketball club this term and the junior and senior team has had some success on the court at fixtures against the West London IB school rivals, ISL London. With the juniors having had a 44-17 victory a fortnight ago, this week the senior students travelled to Brentford to play.  

It was another great win for the Varsity Basketball Boys, beating their opponents by 37-11. We had a great squad turnout with everyone giving 100% on the court. Towering Sandile and Gabriel ensured we retained possession by controlling the boards at both ends of the court. The youngest members of the squad, Jan and Finn played their hearts out and were high scorers for us. The team easily agreed that Man of the Match has to go to Jan for his teamwork, baskets and lion heart passion on the court. Go Dwight Lions and well done Jovan!

House Games in PE

Next week, Upper School IBMYP students will compete in their House teams in a round robin format in all the sports they have learnt in Games lessons this term. There will be some extended PE time as below. Although not an external event, parents are always welcome to drop by the school field and spectate. House spirit continues to blossom!

Wednesday, 29th November - M1/M2 - Leave school at 1.15pm (during lunch)

Arrive back at 3.40pm

This is combined with Lower School Year 5 and 6

Thursday, 30th November - M3/M4 - Leave school at 1.15pm (during lunch for M3 and during period 5 for M4)

Arrive back at 3.40pm

Friday, 1st December - M5 - Leave school at 1.15pm (during  period 5)

Arrive back at 3.40pm

M1 Gamelan Music Trip to the Southbank

London continues to be our classroom and the students have been out and about again this week. As music from around the world forms a very important part of our music curriculum, the M1 students focussed on gamelan music in their music classes. 


This genre of music originates from the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali, and we are in the fortunate position that the Southbank Centre in central London owns an original gamelan set which is not only on display in the Royal Festival Hall but can also be used for workshops. This beautiful Javanese percussion orchestra was received in 1987 as a remarkable gift from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the people of Great Britain. The students enjoyed a workshop which deepened their cultural understanding of the gamelan and learned to play basic patterns on these beautiful original instruments.

Future Music: Winter Concert - change of date!

Due to some staff availability issues, please forgive us for a change of date in your diaries. This year's Winter Concert will now be held on Monday, 11th December at 7.00pm. You will not want to miss it! For those of you who cannot make it or have family and friends who live far away, we will be live streaming it on the Dwight London Facebook page.


 Local Community Service in Action

 Joe  in M4 is enjoying his voluntary role as a assistant librarian in the local library on Friern Barnet Road. It was heartwarming to see how well he handled visitor inquires for books and demonstrated knowledge of how to use the library computer system to locate a book. His natural charm has won over the chief librarian, who was very complimentary about Joe's enthusiasm for voluntary community service. 

The chief librarian mentioned that Joe represented Dwight School well. Joe is currently studying for an ASDAN course in employability at Dwight, which is the first of its kind, that that been offered at Dwight school as an alternative and supplementary pathway for personalised learning. Well done to Joe for initiating local community service.

Parent Workshop Third Culture Kids Thursday, 30th November

Next Thursday our Director of Admissions will lead a very useful workshop of the topic of Third Culture Kids.

Third Culture Kids is the term used to describe children who grow up outside of their passport country because of a parent's work abroad. About 70% of our students at Dwight may fall into this category.  All of our students are Cross Culture Kids because they come into daily contact with people from other cultures.  The experience of international mobility presents advantages and disadvantages for children whose routines, friendships, schools, and linguistic and cultural environments are disrupted because of this. With a better understanding of what these benefits and challenges are, parents and educators can work collaboratively to help children negotiate the complexities of international relocation. This workshop will draw on research to offer insights into the special qualities and characteristics of Third Culture Kids and provide a forum for discussing strategies that can help our students and their families embrace the exciting positive and life-changing advantages that can be gained while growing up abroad.

Mary Langford's own international journey began at the age of two. She attended eight schools in five cities in three countries in three languages before she completed high school.  Mary has worked with international schools and families as an educator, researcher, writer, speaker, independent consultant and trainer for over 35 years. 


To register for the workshop at 6.30pm om Thursday, 30th November, please click here, I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Safe Drive, Stay Alive

Recently, our Diploma students attended Barnet's Safe Drive, Stay Alive performance that educates young people to make the right choices when driving or travelling as a passenger.

The four main causes of road traffic collisions are:

1.     Speed

2.     Distractions

3.     Taking risks i.e. not wearing a seatbelt

4.     Drink and/or drug driving

Please discuss these causes with your son/daughter - there's evidence that parental discussions about early driving are beneficial. For further information on travel choices and learning to drive, visit


Please remind your son/daughter that attended to complete the course survey sent to them by no later than 4th December.  Thank you for your continued support.

The run up to the winter break

As the nights draw in more and the temperatures drop, you will notice the frenzy of extra curricular events dies down and students for the next three weeks will be more focussed on their studies. Teachers are currently starting their report drafts and working on term one grades. Term one report cards will be issued (all going well with some new IT systems!) on Wednesday, 13th December allowing two final days for important student reflections, dialogue and parent clarifications. The final day of term is Friday, 15th December and students are dismissed at midday. Any families who are not staying until the last day must, as per school policy, seek permission from the Principal for any authorised school absences.

Have a great weekend everybody and to all our USA families, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Andy Atkinson

Upper School Principal

Upcoming Trips

M4 Art Trip - Friday, 1st December
On Friday, 1st December M4 art students will be traveling to Walthamstow to take part in a 3-hour screen printing workshop at the Inky Cuttlefish studios. Students will need to bring a packed lunch, an old shirt or t-shirt and some pocket money with them and leave their books for P1/6 & 7 in their lockers for their first lesson and when they return to school.

Diploma Economics Trip - Monday, 27th November (10.00am - 4.00pm)
An inspirational day of economics talks featuring industry leaders, academics and public servants from the heart of government. All D1 Economics students will attend as well as those D2 students who registered. Students will need an optional packed lunch (or money for lunch) and an oyster card for travel to and from the centre. Students will need to make their own way from home and meet at St James's Park underground station at 10.00am.
Where: Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3DW

Service as Action - Wednesday, 29th November

M5 students studying French will go to a homeless centre in North Finchley run by Homeless Action in Barnet. Students will miss Period 7 and will be dismissed directly from the centre as the visit should end at 3.40pm. In their current unit, students have learned about food and more recently about food waste and inequalities in terms of access to food. A support worker will tour us around the centre and students will be able to ask questions. We have also set up a donation box where students can drop goods such as dry food, food tins but the centre particularly expressed a need for toiletries (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc). Thank you in advance for all your donations. - Ms. Villatte and Ms. Rodrigue

Dwight Parent Association News and Events

December Out and About

Dennis Severs' House and Holiday Lunch at Blixen

Join us for a holi-day out in Spitalfields! We'll start with a walk through the Dennis Severs House and follow with lunch at Blixen. 


Dennis Severs' House is more than just a time capsule. It is both a breathtaking and intimate portrait of the lives of a family of Hugenot silk-weavers from 1724 to the dawn of the 20th century. As you follow their fortunes through the generations, the sights, smells and sounds of the house take you into their lives. It was Dennis Severs' intention that as you enter his house it is as if you have passed through the surface of a painting, exploring with your senses and imagination a meticulously crafted 18th Century world. 


We'll follow with lunch at Blixen


Date: Monday, 11th December

Meet: 10.50am West Finchley tube station or 11.45am at Dennis Severs House – 18 Folgate Street – E1 6BX.

Cost: £10 to tour the house and then your lunch costs

Reservations: PLEASE contact asap if you can make it, so she can make the lunch reservations.



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