Friday, 12th January 2018

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Welcome back and Happy New Year. We hope that you had an enjoyable break.


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • we started our new Unit of Inquiry about Senses and Emotions.

  • in order to find out what the children already know about senses and emotions, we completed some pre-assessment tasks:

    • we asked the children what feelings they know and how we can tell if someone else is feeling happy, sad, angry, surprised etc.

    • there were 5 stations set up around the room and in small groups the children had to explore the object that was there. We chose objects that would represent each sense as we wanted to find out if the children could identify the 5 senses.

  • the children had the opportunity to tell us about their holidays and then draw/write about what they did. These are now on the Wall of Pride for you to see.

  • we made orange-scented playdough as we had a focus on the sense of smell.
  • many children asked to use the clay so they made faces, pots and various animals.

  •  following an interest in cars, we provided a garage and road markings to enhance their play.


    in the garden, we noticed that chasing games are very popular so we used large chalk to draw a maze.


    following Reception's learning about adding and taking away, we made an adding machine using ramps and balls in the garden.


    we visited Friary Park to look for branches to make our feelings tree.

  • this term we are very lucky to be having a weekly Yoga Bug session every Wednesday afternoon.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • using objects that have 3 sounds, the children started to learn about oral segmenting and blending. Using robot talk, the children had to guess which object Mrs. Voica was talking about. E.g I have a c-a-t. Once they were familiar with this, then the children tried to use robot talk to segment their own words.
  • the children had to think of a word beginning with a sound by using an alphabet dice.
  • we read The Very Busy Spider and The Very Lazy Ladybird and talked about the sounds that different animals make.
  • we ordered numbers 1 - 5 and then 1 - 10 using number mats.
  • the children counted different objects and then recorded the number.
  • the children played games where they had to match the numbers with the quantity.

  Learning in Reception:

  • we started to learn about addition and subtraction. Initially this is very practical using groups of objects and combining them or by removing objects from a group. We are getting familiar with the language of addition and subtraction and applying it in different situations.
  • we reviewed recognition of numbers up to 20 and used the abacus to show how to write the teen numbers.
  • the children were asked to make up a sentence about a picture and I counted each word that they said. We were trying to encourage them to include more detail in their sentences.
  • we played a game where they had to pick a word card to fill the blanks in this sentence: The__________ is in the ___________.
  • following on from the above sentence activity, the children attempted to write their own sentence and thought it was very funny to make silly sentences.
  • we practised writing numerals and writing letters with the correct formation.


  • SHOW AND TELL IS RETURNING!!! - The children are delighted. They can bring something that they can talk about from home. This will be on Thursdays until further notice. We need the children to be clear about the following rules:
    • the toy must be placed in the Show and Tell Bag when they arrive at school and they cannot play with it during the school day.
    • they should be able to talk about their chosen item.
    • toys should only come to school on Show and Tell day please.


Kindergarten - Play I-spy to reinforce initial sounds. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ……


Reception - There will be a task in your tray, please check before you leave on Friday afternoon.


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