Friday, 19th January 2018

Upper School Newsletter

Upper School News


This week our student media correspondents have provided the headline news!


Trip on Global Climate Change

This week, the M5 class went on our Individuals and Societies trip to the science museum to enhance our knowledge on global climate change. It was a fantastic exhibition and very informative for the unit we are studying. There were multiple creative games to play in the museum and there was lots of useful information. My class had a great time playing a particular game where we had to block out the greenhouse gases from depleting our ozone. It was a wonderful trip and thanks to Ms. Trautmann for setting it up, it's the best way to learn!

Sterling - M5 Correspondent

Cambridge Schools Union Debate Competition

The Media Club would like to say a big congratulations to Gabriel in D2 and Nick in M5 for doing an outstanding job at the Cambridge Schools Union Debate Competition! They were brilliant, not only for participating, but for progressing through the day of debating and winning first place in their final debate! Gabriel and Nick have said that they have really enjoyed the experience and debating, and would definitely do this competition again in the future. Well done to Gabriel and Nick! We will keep you updated with some more information regarding debating and school news next week, so stay tuned!

Haya - M3 Correspondent


Success in Netball and a Fun Art Trip!

On Thursday, the M1 students got to visit a lino printing art studio, where we were taught the steps of how to produce a beautiful piece of lino printing. We each had a drawing of an endangered animal from Nepal or the UK, and we were taught how to transfer it onto a piece of lino, cut out shapes and designs in them, and finally, print them onto paper and create an exquisite piece of art. It was lots of fun!


This Wednesday, M1, M2, and M3 girls played a home netball fixture against King's school. It was a tough game and everyone played their best, unfaltering, and we managed to score two goals in the last minute, bringing the final score to a draw of 8 - 8.

Auva - M1 Correspondent

Visiting Researchers Interview Global Nomads

This week D1 students had a talk from a visiting university researcher about third culture rootless kids. The guest from Heidelberg University asked us about our experiences and what we thought about the sense of home and belonging and about global citizenship.  It was a fascinating topic and one many students could relate to. Thanks to Mrs. Boyle for organising this. We have a second speaker coming in next week to continue the conversation.

Ishani - D1 Correspondent


Csanad - M5 Guest Correspondent

Meatless Mondays Planned for Personal Project

As you may know, the M5 students have to complete their Personal Project task, from the end of M4 until the middle of M5. The aim of my project is to raise awareness on vegetarianism, how a vegetarian diet is much healthier for our body and how meat production affects the environment. I've chosen to do three Meat Free Mondays on the dates listed below and have made plans with the school caterers to make this happen.

  • January 19th
  • February 5th
  • February 19th

Your child won't be able to purchase any type of meat as the cafeteria will be going vegetarian for these three days. The students will also be informed about this event during tutor time. If you have any concerns or questions about this event, please send me an email and we will find a solution!

Pioneer House Charity Funds Sponsor Lions

The Pioneers have sponsored two Lions as their house mascots. Sinbad and his friend Achee live in a wildlife preserve in South Africa. Our donation will ensure that they receive the care and protection they need. Both lions were rescued from captivity and have had difficult lives especially Sinbad who is only half the size of a normal lion due to poor treatment as a young lion. We hope that our sponsorship of these magnificent animals will help raise awareness of the plight of endangered and vulnerable species. You can read more about Sinbad and Achee on the Born Free website here.


Tuesday Activity Focus -

Ballroom Dancing

This week, in Ms. Sincheva's dance activity, students (and at times Mr. Dacanay, as well as other members of staff passing by!) learned some steps for various dances: rumba, samba and Viennese Waltz. First, they had to learn the steps on their own and then practise them with a partner, which was a bit more complicated. The rhythm accelerated as they mastered the steps, requiring more and more energy from the students and the thirst to go faster left them with a thirst… for water!

Karine Villatte - Activity Coordinator

D2 Diploma Theatre Performances Next Friday

Next Friday we encourage all parents, staff and students to come along and support the D2 theatre classes final performances in school. A series of solo pieces are planned and judging from what we have heard about rehearsals we are in for an interesting evening. The bar with complimentary drinks and snacks will open around 6.00pm in the Jubilee Hall with curtain up around 6.30pm - you won't want to miss it!

So that's the main news of this week in Upper School. Here's some other brief items:


  • We are pleased to announce the plan for an inter-house sponsored fun run being arranged for the last week before half-term.
  • Mr. Sanchez has asked us to remind parents of students wishing to attend the Flamenco Festival that there is an extension to the deadline for payment until next Wednesday, 24th January
  • The Dwight Parent Association (DPA) have asked us to make a request for any used uniform to be donated as supplies are dwindling, please drop it off at any of the school offices.
  • Information about the ski trip at half-term will be sent out on Monday and there is still one place open for a girl. Contact Ali Miley if you need further details.
  • Good luck to Jules in M5 as he heads off next week to be a student ambassador to the European Parliament in Brussels.
  • We look forward to receiving Year 6 for a transition visit to Upper School on Thursday, 25th January when they will join M1 classes all day.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend


Andy Atkinson

Upper School Principal

 Dwight School Parent Association 

Save the Date for the Upcoming International Quiz Night!
Look out for full details and the link to sign-up in next week's newsletter!

February Out and About

Date: Thursday, 8th February, 2018

Meet: 10:00am at West Finchley Tube station or 10:45 at the entrance of Fortnum and Mason, 181 Piccadilly London W1A 1ER

Cost: £ 40


The 311-year-old story of Fortnum & Mason is one that's full of surprises. Join the Fortnum and Mason archivist for a tour of the building (with tastings), to hear the fascinating tales behind one of Britain's most loved icons, ending up with – what else – a cup of Fortnum's famous tea. Tour is from 11 - 12.45pm and we can decide to stay for lunch after.


You will need to pre-purchase your own ticket via this link. Tickets are extremely limited, so don't delay!

Please let Michele know when you book your ticket so she knows who to expect -


March Out and About – Eltham Palace

Join us for an outing to visit Eltham Place in SE London. Experience the decade of decadence as you are transported back to the 1930's! Created for millionaires, Stephen and Virginia Courtauld, Eltham Palace is part showpiece of Art Deco design and 1930's cutting edge technology, and part medieval royal palace!


Date: Friday, 16th March, 2018
Meet: 9am West Finchley station or 10:30am at Eltham Palace, Court Yard, London SE9 5QE
Cost: £14.40 – we will purchase our tickets at the entrance


Please let Michele know if you plan to join!


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