Friday, 26th January 2018

Upper School Newsletter


Upper School News

It has been a packed week of events, fixtures and visitors to Dwight Upper School this week, but it has brought some joy to the grey winter days. This week you will read a mixture of staff and student reports I hope you will enjoy. The connection for me amongst these reports is the importance of taking time to get out into the community and taking time to invite others to come through our doors.

Transition Day – Year 6 with M1

On Thursday, we held a day and evening about transitioning from the Lower School to the Upper School. Year 6 joined M1 in class and we gave the youngsters as normal a secondary school day as possible. They arrived and left independently, mixed in with our students and got a taste of many classes. You will enjoy the video here we made of their day. In the evening we held a Taster Evening event with presentations, displays, and conversations about life in the Upper School and we were heartened by the positive feedback of many families from the Lower School and other primary schools who are excited about joining us next year.

A Great Sporting Week!


It has been a hectic and successful week for the PHE department with lots of fixtures and matches. On Wednesday, our cross country team travelled to Bedford for the ISA North London Cross Country Championships. It wasn't a great day for running with the rain but our students competed really well in extremely muddy conditions. 

M1 Girls:  Georgia  42th

M3 Girls:  Mami 7th

M3 Boys: Yugo 14th, Beco 25th, Valentine 35th

M5 Boys: Luke 5th, Alexander 7th

We are hoping that Mami, Luke and Alexander have qualified for Nationals on 3rd March and will let you know when we get the confirmation! 

In boys basketball, considering we only had six players available, our boys worked so hard to come away with another great win against a strong Haberdashers squad. Final score 13-23 to Dwight! A huge mention has to go to Luke, Fin and Jan who played the whole game. Also a very impressive first game for our new student Iyare, who demonstrated an amazing work rate throughout the whole game. Great work from Fin at Point Guard duty, who came away with the highest score. Go Dwight Lions!!!

From our M1 Media Club Sports Correspondent

On Monday after school, some of the girls from the netball team went to the Olympic Park Copperbox Stadium to experience seeing professional netballers from two different countries compete with each other right before their eyes! It was exhilarating and full of twists and turns, and we all loved it. The game was England versus Australia, but sadly England lost with a final score of 46 - 50. A special thanks to Mrs. Miley, we would not have been able to go without her!

Auva - M1 Correspondent


French Plays

On Wednesday, M3 students in Ms Villatte's French lesson performed mini-plays. The topic was Hotel Reception: one student was playing the receptionist and the other, the customer. Csenge, Haya, Nina and Rojina played the very hardworking receptionist and were trying to satisfy the demands of their extremely difficult customers - Ariana, Hermine, Alma and Dayna. The performances were of great quality and very entertaining!!! Well done to all of them!


Karine Villatte - French Teacher

From our M5 Media Club Correspondent

This week my M5 class did an amazing science experiment about electricity. In this experiment we set up a circuit including a power supply and a metal wire. What happens is that the electrons from the power supply flow into the metal wire, which contains many atoms. Then the electrons which have flowed into the wire bounce off of the atoms passing on their energy to the atoms causing them to vibrate and move around faster. The higher the voltage of the power supply the more electrons flow into the wire. This makes the wire get hotter and hotter from all the vibrations. If there is too much energy between all the atoms in the wire, it eventually snaps! We're really enjoying the hands-on science classes this year!

Sterling - M5 Correspondent


Alumni Visitors

We were delighted on Thursday to receive a former student from the days when Dwight was Friern Barnet Grammar School. Pankaj Chandak is an amazing man! He is an Indian-born British surgeon who pioneered the use of 3D printing in paediatric kidney transplant surgery. He has also undertaken work in education, public engagement, presenting demonstrations, and even acting in The Crown television series about Queen Elizabeth! Chandak is a graduate of Guy's and St Thomas' University of London Medical School and has won numerous scientific and surgical awards.  Our students Abdullah, Vicky and Luke who aspire for careers in medicine, were delighted to show him (and his brother) around the school and were delighted to be invited by him to do some work experience later this year. Both the visitors spoke of many happy memories of their time in this school and were genuinely impressed with how it has evolved into an IB school.


Haya - M3 Correspondent

From our Student Council M3 Correspondent

This is an update about what the Junior Student Council has been discussing this week. Our Junior Student Council ranges from the years of M1-M3 and there are three representatives in total (three per House). This week, Student Council have been talking about the canteen food and there is a petition we sent out to the students and teachers about food improvements for example, what we can improve, what can we add etc. and Mr. Brown will be having a meeting with the food company to discuss the petition on using more environmentally friendly resources in the café. Also Student Council have been discussing the school's IB standards for the self-study, and Student Council have rated each IB separate requirement. Teodor of the Senior Council is leading this (photo above). We will keep you updated on the Student Council's next meeting

This week's activity club focus: Chess!

This week, at the chess club run by Mr. Namgyal, the students were very focused on their games. Having your queen taken seemed to be the worst thing that could happen in the room! Mr. Namgyal was often asked to verify checkmate. It was lovely to see all the students from various year groups playing with each other - Zyan (M1) took on Talin (M4). But whether you were beginner or intermediate, there was one and only goal: checkmate!

Karine Villatte - Activity Coordinator


We say farewell to Javier Dominguez

I am sad to announce we are saying farewell to Javi Dominguez who runs the Dwight Campus reception and has helped us enormously with our IT systems. You will know him as the friendly and efficient face of our Dwight Campus and he will be missed enormously by staff, parents and students. I am delighted however that he is following his dream to work in the food industry and he has got a great position in his chosen field. I hope to announce his successor next week but for now I know we will want him to have a heartfelt send off.


Ms. Kennedy has had a busy week taking D1 to the King's head Theatre in Islington to see East by Steven Berkhoff and tonight, at 6.30pm (bar opens at 6.00pm) we have the D2 final IB performances, a series of solo performances. We hope to see many of you there!


On Tuesday 23rd January, we went to the King's Head Pub Theatre to see Steven Berkoff's 1975 play East. This play gave a descriptive and dark insight into London's East End. Although dated, the topics raised were current and the various viewpoints surrounding them were displayed greatly through monologues and physical theatre. In short disordered scenes, they were able to portray both comical and uncomfortable stories. This play new perspective on the use of physical theatre, and how the audience can also become a main part of the play. Ion - D1 Student

In Memoriam

We are very sorry to report that, after a long illness, Jo Fraser, former Dwight London parent and teacher, passed away on the 23rd January. Her death was as she would have wished; peaceful, pain-free, at home, and surrounded by her family. For those of you that knew Jo, information regarding her funeral can be found here.


Have a great weekend everyone and best of luck to the group flying off with Ms. Murnaghan to The Hague for a week of Model United Nations!

Andy Atkinson

Upper School Principal

Reminder - Ski trip meeting Monday, 29th January at 5.00pm.

 Dwight School Parent Association 

Dwight Quiz Night
7-10pm Saturday 24th February
Upper School Jubilee Hall
£17 per person entry fee
Dinner included/Cash Bar

Come and join us for a fundraising evening of fun and games, and a delicious Indian dinner, at Dwight's Quiz Night on Saturday February 24th. Teams of 8 or 10 people go up against other Dwight parents and staff for a night of trivia! Since we come from all over the world, our quiz is really international. There's lots of picture quizzing, sport, music and pop culture questions so that everyone can have a no-pressure good time. It's a really fun evening of games and socialising with the Dwight community.

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This is a major fundraiser for the Dwight Parent Association, this year supporting the Dwight School's very own Dragon's Den for students - the Spark Tank Project.


Sign up on your own, or get your friends and year group together and put together a team!


You can sign up via Wise Pay


Contact with any questions, or to co-ordinate which table you'd like to join.


We look forward to seeing you there !

Dwight Parent Association

February Out and About

Date: Thursday, 8th February, 2018

Meet: 10:00am at West Finchley Tube station or 10:45 at the entrance of Fortnum and Mason, 181 Piccadilly London W1A 1ER

Cost: £ 40


The 311-year-old story of Fortnum & Mason is one that's full of surprises. Join the Fortnum and Mason archivist for a tour of the building (with tastings), to hear the fascinating tales behind one of Britain's most loved icons, ending up with – what else – a cup of Fortnum's famous tea. Tour is from 11 - 12.45pm and we can decide to stay for lunch after.


You will need to pre-purchase your own ticket via this link. Tickets are extremely limited, so don't delay!

Please let Michele know when you book your ticket so she knows who to expect -


March Out and About – Eltham Palace

Join us for an outing to visit Eltham Place in SE London. Experience the decade of decadence as you are transported back to the 1930's! Created for millionaires, Stephen and Virginia Courtauld, Eltham Palace is part showpiece of Art Deco design and 1930's cutting edge technology, and part medieval royal palace!


Date: Friday, 16th March, 2018
Meet: 9am West Finchley station or 10:30am at Eltham Palace, Court Yard, London SE9 5QE
Cost: £14.40 – we will purchase our tickets at the entrance


Please let Michele know if you plan to join!


Sunday - January 28, 2018
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