Friday, 9th February 2018

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week. We would like to thank the parents who visited us during ACE time, we hope that you enjoyed seeing our routines and our learning
  • We talked more about the Zones of Regulation and made another calm down cake with special ingredients to calm us down.
  • The children enjoyed their last Yoga Bugs session by going on a journey and moving like the animals in the Chinese Zodiac.
  • Using oats, rice, sugar, salt and dried herbs mixed with paint, the children made their own textured paint (linked to the sense of touch).
  • We placed different materials in feely boxes and the children had to describe the different textures, e.g. fluffy, shiny, bumpy, hard, soft etc.
  • We drew around our hands and chose a material to stick on the hand. The children wrote or described the texture.
  • Show and Tell was another enjoyable session and we will continue this up until the Easter holidays.
  • The decking area had a make over and we re-opened the potion station and woodwork bench. The children mixed paint, herbs and plants together and attempted to build cars, houses and aeroplanes in the workshop area using hammers and saws.
  • In our investigation station, we painted kitchen foil with rainbows and then placed shaving foam over the top. As the children made marks in the shaving foam, it revealed the beautiful rainbow pattern underneath.
  • We had an obstacle course in the garden using loose parts such as crates, logs, guttering and cable drums.
  • As we had a few cold evenings, we made ice and played with the Arctic animals.
    On Friday we took the school buses to a local park and went for a walk and used the play area.
  • We completed a writing development task where the Reception children wrote facts about a chosen animal and Kindergarten had to draw their favourite objects and talk about it (or make marks/write).

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • In Phonics we revised the sounds s,a,t using flashcards and the children had to think of words beginning with the chosen sound.
  • We played musical statues and when the music stopped, they had to look at the letter card and go to the object beginning with that sound.
  • On whiteboards we practised the correct letter formation.
  • Using the counting jar, we counted up to 16 teddy bears.
  • We read the book How Big is a Million?
  • The children had to place their hand in a box and count the number of objects by touch alone.

  Learning in Reception:

  • In Phonics some children revised sh, ch, th and ng by playing various games to read words. Some children revised single sounds by using our 'phonix' cubes and building words.
  • We played full circle and had to change one sound in a word in order to make a new word.
  • In our sentence work, we made up short sentences and jumbled the word order before trying to put the sentence back in the right order.
  • We worked on our cursive letter formation on the whiteboards.
  • In Maths, 13 was our number of the week. We played a counting game up to the number 13.
  • To enhance our play in the market role play area, we introduced the use of money. Some children helped to make a price list and we started to explore adding small totals and giving the correct amount of coins.

Action Homework

There will be no action homework as it is half term - please enjoy time together as a family.

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