Dwight School London continues to develop the Dwight London Alumni programme and is pleased to announce the appointment of Silvia Harriman, a graduate of Dwight New York, as Alumni coordinator.

Our aim is to foster lifelong relationships between Dwight London and its past students, their families and our staff. We wish to celebrate the achievements of our alumni, support them to develop even further and enable them to stay connected within the Dwight London community and each other.

Through the programme, the Dwight London Alumni will:

  • Connect and keep in touch with the Dwight London family at Alumni reunions.
  • Develop a network to support career and professional growth.
  • Inspire younger generations of Dwight London students by sharing information about their chosen degree, career and/or passions including charity, volunteer and philanthropic activities.
  • Learn about opportunities to continue to support Dwight London through each person’s unique perspective as former students, families and staff, coupled with each one’s professional expertise and individual Spark of Genius.

For more information about the Dwight London Alumni Network, please contact Silvia Harriman.