Parent Association

Dwight’s Parent Association is a volunteer parent organisation that provides a focal point for the school community. All Dwight parents are automatically members.

Through class representatives the Parent Association facilitates the communication between class teachers and parents in relation to volunteers for classroom or special events. The class representatives also facilitate the social interaction among families in the school community.

It serves as a fundraising vehicle for agreed charities as well as selected school community events and projects for both Upper and Lower School. Activities include The Winter Fair, International Food Fair, teacher appreciation activities, Book Fair and a Summer Fair. The Parent Association also collaborates with the school to support arts, drama and musical productions and assist with sporting events.

The monthly Parent Association Community Newsletter provides up-to-date information on upcoming activities as well as a links to local events .

The Parent Association offers support for new families to assist them in their transition to both London and the school via its Parent Ambassador Programme.

Parents interested in becoming more involved or who have any questions should email Karen Strickland, who will direct you to the appropriate Parent Association contact.