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As technology continues to transform our world, disrupt markets, and reshape the nature of doing business every day, there is an urgent need for education to respond.

Dwight is answering the call by blazing a trail for innovative IB curricular change, taking project-based and peer-to-peer learning to new heights, and educating skilled
transformational thinkers who can excel in any and all endeavours. Our dedicated design room, maker-spaces, and spark tank experiences fuel the collaboration and creativity
our students need to become global citizens of the future.

Mark Turner, Director of Innovation at Dwight School London

"We aspire to ignite a passion for innovation and creativity in our students. We do this by prioritising effective communication and strategic thinking, incorporating them into our daily teaching and learning experiences. Our intention is to cultivate skills, ranging from entrepreneurial acumen and inquisitive research to razor-sharp critical thinking and harmonious collaboration. By embracing rapidly advancing technology, we empower compassionate students who will make positive contributions to our ever-changing world."

Award Winning Early Years Provision

We are thrilled to have won the Independent Schools Association (ISA) award for Excellence and Innovation in the Early Years. The Chief Executive Officer of the ISA said: “Dwight School London has demonstrated a refreshing curriculum that breaks the mould for Early Years education. Technology and outdoor learning are used as ways to inspire the inquiry, agency and creativity that helps pupils develop into outstanding independent learners. The team at Dwight School London are dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation.”

Spark Tank

Spark Tank, is Dwight School’s innovation incubator for all of its students and supports the School's mission to ignite the spark of genius in every child. Through Spark Tank, students learn how they can make an impact and build a better world through entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and service. This year we had a great group of students who participated in Spark Tank, and we held two Spark Tank events where students gave presentations to our Spark Tank judges for feedback, mentorship, and funding through innovation grants. Spark Tank is embedded throughout the curriculum. We have also brought Spark Tank down to the Junior School where Mr Turner is leading Design Thinking and Innovation sessions with the students. These sessions directly connect to students learning in the context of the Primary Years Program as well as allowing students to use their voice to champion issues that matter to them.


How does the Spark Tank work?


Following the IB design thinking and problem-solving cycle, students develop their projects in the incubator through five development stages. Each stage builds upon the idea until it is ready and feasible to launch to market. Spark Tank projects are as unique as the students who develop them. Some are born from personal passions. Others are driven by issues that impact them personally, a desire to help others, or a vision for improving a product that is already on the market. In practice, this involves nurturing student ideas from concept through to making them a reality by injecting feedback, providing guidance from mentors, and approving funding for innovation grants and awards. Dwight School London draws upon the real-world expertise of parents, staff and alumni to provide the necessary support and boost to student's ideas in a safe and supportive environment. Spark Tank forms a part of our Tuesday Activity provision in the Senior School and students from all Senior School year groups can sign up to take part.