Lower School

All Lower School Term 2 Clubs start in the week beginning 14th January and finish on Friday, 22nd March. All Clubs start at 3.50pm and finish at 4.45pm, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to apply please click on the link for that club. The electronic registration will open on Monday, 3rd December at 5pm and close on Thursday, 6th December at 5pm. We also want to remind students to show commitment to their chosen club.

Please click on the activity link to register.

Day Club Instructor Information Year Group Max No of students

Animation Club Miss Larragy

Draw your favourite cartoon characters or create your own comic book in Animation Club!

Years 3-6 12

Royal Academy Art Exhibition

Mrs. Boughton

Create and enter the new Royal Academy Summer Exhibition for children-!

Years 3-6 12

Creative Sewing Projects

Mrs. Demetriou

Easy sewing projects for kids. Join our creative sewing club for an afternoon of fun!

Years 1-3 10
Cake Decorating Club
Mrs. Hornshaw

If you consider yourself the next Mary Berry then this club may be for you!! We will be looking at different cake decorating techniques, creating our own designs and then eating yummy cakes!! Come and join us!!

Years 1-6 12
Hockey Club


Improve your Hockey skills in this club. Defending and attacking skills will be developed!

Years 3-618

Showstoppers Musical TheatreExternal Provider

Drama, dance and singing will all be covered in this Musical Theatre class. Learn songs and scenes from musicals, play drama games and build on your technique and skills.

Years 3-620
£75 Fee Required.
Multi-SportsExternal Provider

A fun Multi Sports club allowing children the opportunity to learn and develop techniques and skills in various sports - leading onto small sided games.

Years 1-316
£75 Fee Required
Multi-SportsExternal Provider

A fun Multi Sports club allowing children the opportunity to learn and develop techniques and skills in various sports - leading onto small sided games.

Years 4-6

£75 Fee Required

KarateExternal Provider

The club will be run by Ashin-do Kai who are a Karate club based at David Lloyd Leisure in North Finchley. They say "Karate can help in so many areas of your life - your health, fitness, mind and body." Come and join in for lots of fun and fitness!

Years 1-6

£75 Fee Required


Italian Club

Ms. Dunaway

Are you a native Italian speaker? Do you speak fluently, but find your writing skills are a bit rusty? Would you like to sing songs, listen to stories and watch films in Italian? Then this is the club for you. Impariamo divertendoci!

Years 4-6

Contact Ms. Dunaway to register

Badminton Club

Ms. Pitts

Brush up on badminton skills, then play a game with an opponent!

Years 1-612

Radio Club

Ms. Hendry

Radio Club is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to use our Dwight Radio. In addition to working in the radio booth itself to record and edit, you will be listening to other radio segments for inspiration and working collaboratively to create your own skits and stories to record. We have increased the number of spaces this term to give more children the chance to get to know the radio but please note, not everyone will be recording every week- we can only fit three in the booth at a time! We look forward to seeing you!

Years 3-6
Tabletop Games


Come and play some traditional and new tabletop games. They are lots of fun!

Years 3-510
Creating Digital Music


Create music collaboratively using iPads and Chromebooks, share the learning and creations to friends and family.

Years 3-610


Dodgeball and Benchball Club

Ms. Kendal & Ms. Clemens

Come and learn how to play Dodgeball and Benchball! Show your teamwork in this active game!

Years 3-5
Creative Colouring ClubMs.


Come and have a relaxing time doing creative colouring!

Years 1-312
Formula Goblin

Design and build girls

Design and build boys

Mr. Rehman

Are you enthusiastic about Science and Engineering? What about racing cars? Well here is your chance to be part of a team that will design, build and race an electric car. We are looking for 5 boys and 5 girls to join the engineering team.

We are also looking for 2 Portfolio team members that will record the Teams Greenpower journey and will explain how the car was designed, built, and raced. You will design and make a portfolio which will include photographs, videos, and testimonials.

Years 5-612

£75 fee required for engineering team

No cost for portfolio team

van den Bosch

Now that the weather is getting colder and darker we will hibernate in the Y4 classroom learning the fabulous challenging game of chess for all levels. Come and beat Mr. van den Bosch if you dare.

Years 2-6 16
Running and Fitness ClubMr.
This is a chance for students to try out some different fitness routines and to start running around Swan Lane Park in preparation for the Lower School Fun Run on Friday, 5th April.