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Upper School

Activity time (Tuesday Period 7)

2018-2019 Term 1 - Starting on Tuesday, September 11th



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Teen Yoga

Since ancient times, yoga has offered techniques to support growing bodies, restless minds and stressful lives. Teen Yoga practice supports the growing self-awareness that is important to discovering who you really are, and reconnects you with an inner place of calm. Teen yoga can help with self confidence, improving anxiety, relieving stress and developing mindfulness techniques that will stay with you as you move through life.


5- 15

Mrs Ross


Do you love solving puzzles or riddles? This is the right activity for you! We will solve different types of puzzles (sudoku, logic, enigma-related puzzles etc) and you can have fun with other students. And of course, you can bring any puzzles you think you might enjoy solving!


5- 10

Ms Sincheva


Develop an eco-garden - recycling materials to use for gardening. We will also be developing the world garden further.

You will need to want to dig, plant and weed on a weekly basis. A love of the outdoors and getting muddy is necessary. Enthusiasm for gardening is a must.


5- 10

Ms Allen

Model United Nations (MUN)

There are very few student activities that generate as much intellectual excitement, creativity and responsibility as the Model United Nations (MUN) club. The MUN club will simulate actual conferences of the United Nations meetings in New York, The Hague and Geneva and include Member states of the UN, Observer nations, and many non-governmental organisations. An interesting aspect of this club is that the teachers take a “back-seat” during the sessions and the club is run entirely by M5 and Diploma students who chair the debate.

Student delegates represent their assigned countries from the perspective of that country and therefore need to know its current policies and views as well as knowing about its style of government, economic status and trade partners, membership in regional and international bodies and defence/military capabilities.

This year we will be hosting our own MUN conference at Dwight School London. Students from others schools in London will be invited to join in in the debate and simulate the practices at an actual UN conference. Dwight students will also be attending the international MUN conference held in The Hague, as well as attending conferences in London during this year!

If you are interested in politics, debate, diplomacy or making the world a better place, then this club is for you!


5- n/a

Mr Dickenson

Ms Murnaghan

Film school

We will be learning new filming techniques, working on one page scripts, practising all aspects of making films and learning about the different genres to enable the students to widen their knowledge about filming making. It will be an exciting club which needs commitment and enthusiasm. Bring their chromebooks or laptops.

Pre-cursor for the large film skool group which will run on Wednesdays after Christmas from 4- 5pm, where we will make a 5 minute original film which you will write, act and direct, to be shown at the Curzon Cinema London.


5- 10

Mrs Kennedy and Jacob


Calling everyone interested in theatre & performance, and those who want to try something new, have a good time and make new friends. This term in Drama Club we will play drama and improvisation games and develop performance skills. For those of you interested in being in the play, we will not do a play in term one; we will start the school play after the Christmas break.


5- 15

Ms Krohn

Random Acts

Service Club - We will be working with community groups outside of school. The concept of Random Acts is based on Princess Diana's concept of "Random Acts of Kindness". As you know, Princess Diana was passionate in working with disaffected/ underprivileged communities.

M1- M5


Ms Rajput

Creative Writing

An opportunity for all students to explore their creative imagination not shackled by any pesky English teachers.


5- 10

Mr Bowry


Goal - entering a team in a national drone racing competition in the spring term. Designing, building and piloting two sizes of drone using VR headsets.

Students will need to commit to this activity for the whole year.


5- 12

Mr Turner

Upper School Choir/

Shanghai Music Trip

Open to vocalists and instrumentalists wanting to participate in the Dwight Global music event in Shanghai in February.

You can also join if you are unsure / not planning to go to Shanghai.

M1 - D1 (D2 see Ms McCaffrey or Mr Kraft)

5- n/a

Mr Kraft

World Cinema Club

Watch international films chosen by the students and the teacher and discuss them afterwards. All films are in a foreign language (with subtitles) or in English if the theme is truly global or international in nature.

There can be opportunities for some students to lead the activity or particular sessions if they show a real passion for world cinema.


5- n/a

Mr Sanchez

Dwight TV and Media Club

Dwight TV season 2 will be the filming of prepared serious and fun content for a weekly Youtube TV news release. Student led (Tess in D1) and student content. Learn language, technical and communication skills!


8- 10

Mr Atkinson


Nepalese Chess - Learn to play a different ancient type of chess to improve your strategic thinking skills . This is a chess game of hunting between tigers and goats in an unique chess board of four tigers and twenty goats in a triangular movement on a round board.


5- n/a

Mrs Sen

Mrs Smith


Mixed and varied group fitness workouts. All abilities welcome, but dedication to being hardcore is essential! All held outside regardless of the weather conditions.


5- n/a

Mr Clare


Activity will range from introduction to programming to those new to it and for those who are more experienced, small projects will be attempted using online applications.

Bring your own laptop.


5- n/a

Mr Wynter


Chess at all levels - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced


5- 12

Mr Namgyal


World Competition Style - A great opportunity to hone your analytical, critical and speaking skills. We will debate a range of topical and humorous topics.


5- 12

Ms Mather

Maths Club


5- n/a

Mr Maguinness