Parent Association

Dwight’s Parent Association is our volunteer parent organisation that provides a focal point for the school community. All Dwight parents are automatically members.

Through class representatives, the Parent Association facilitates the communication between class teachers and parents in relation to volunteers for classroom or special events. The class representatives also facilitate the social interaction among families in the school community.

The DPA’s main goal is to foster a sense of community within the Schools. With families from all over the world including right here in London, it strives to make sure each family finds support and friendship when moving to Dwight. 

The DPA serves as a fundraising vehicle for school community events and projects for Dwight Nursery, Junior and Senior Schools. Activities include The Winter Fair, International Food Fair, teacher appreciation activities, and the Book Fair. Plus, it assists the schools with food drives or other charity projects the students are involved in. 

Parents interested in becoming more involved or who have any questions should email

Classlist Parent App


We have two ways to make sure we have communication between parents. Each year has a designated WhatsApp Family Chat that is dedicated to Dwight classroom needs, reminders, or questions that we can help each other with. In addition, we use Classlist, an app which helps us communicate with each other. Classlist is not only another means of safe communication between parents of the school but also a means of providing support and assistance to each other and with families in other year groups. A range of questions are regularly answered, and there is a useful section for buying and selling items. For more information on Classlist and to download the app click here.