Nepal Project

Developing Environmental and Conservation Education Projects between Dwight School London and Nepalese School Children.

By offering opportunities for students to be actively involved in creative learning activities relating to environmental sustainability projects, learners become global citizens.
Dwight School London has built a partnership with schools in Nepal to collectively enhance academic achievement and develop greater awareness amongst its learners in issues relating to environmental education and wildlife conservation.

With this goal in mind, the collaborating schools have initiated a sustainable project which will help rebuild the forests that Nepal is losing due to extreme deforestation. The trees will be planted in a region that will be recognised as the 'Dwight Schools Conservation Area'. 

Students of both countries have embarked on a unique Tree Twinning Project where each tree planted in London is reciprocated, by planting another in Nepal by Nepalese Students. Dwight School London has been privileged to receive the support from the Barnet Council which, through its environment directorate, allocated a specific area of planting trees in Barnet (Friern Barnet Open Space area near the retail Park). The trees planted in Nepal will be planted in a region that will be recognised as the 'Dwight Schools Conservation Area'. 

As a result of twinning a 1000 trees within a year,  the project was recognised with several accolades in 2021, for its unique attempts to tangibly support climate change. In May 2021 the Mayor of Barnet awarded the school the ‘Mayor's Innovation’ certificate. In September 2021 the Woodland Trust UK awarded the school a Gold Plaque for its tree planting efforts. Then in November the project became an ISA recognised finalist for outstanding International Involvement.

To strengthen the schools’ sustainable environmental collaboration, Dwight London students have (prior to the Covid pandemic) travelled to Nepal and students from our partner Nepalese schools have visited us on London. During the visit by our Nepalese partners they fulfilled an objective to tackle climate change and air quality in London by building a vertical eco-garden in our playground. Our CAS students who travelled to Nepal painted a collage on the walls of Nepal’s only zoo in Kathmandu as a testament of our partnership. Dwight School London hope to have reciprocal visits in the future once the pandemic is over.