School Houses

Our assembly started off with Morgan from D1 talking about how we can raise money for Ol Pejeta, the Visionaries’ chosen charity and we are planning a sushi sale in order to fundraise. Alexander from M5 then followed on with an event where for the next few weeks, students will have to bring as much spare change as they can, and we are going to try to break the world record for the longest line of pennies (which is currently 1 mile), and we encourage all students to bring any change as all the money raised will be donated to the house charities and we are trying to break the world record! We also talked about the planned “spirit week” which will be right after half term and we also did many team activities such as posters and brainstorming! - Haya - M3 Correspondent

Yesterday, we had an Artists House assembly and all the students from the Artists House came together as one great team. We discussed our charity, Live Life, Give Life and we researched and learned several new things about it. Our charity aims to raise awareness of organ donation and encourage people to register as organ donors. And our aim, as a House is to help them with this great cause! - Auva M1 Correspondent

Respect. This was the topic of the most recent Pioneers assembly, and quite an important one at that. We discussed the ways in which to treat each other respectfully, and that listening to one another is incredibly important, especially in a learning environment. As well as that, we watched a few videos from the Wood Green Animal Shelter, because not only is it important to respect each other, but all creatures upon this planet. It was a very interesting assembly and taught many people an important lesson. Ishani - D1 Correspondent