Lower School News

We are all happy to be back at the Lower School! We finished the last term by hosting a lovely Winter fair. Many thanks to all of our parents, helpers, supporters and donors for making this a memorable event for our children. We raised over £700 and had a great time too!

We have welcomed over 10 new students this new term and look forward to sharing our curriculum overviews with you next week.

Year 3 got off to a great start by having their photos taken on the first day of school. This is tied into an ambitious London wide art project led by Steve McQueen, the designer and filmmaker. He will be using the photos of our Year 3 students along with the other 2400 schools in London to create a montage of Year 3 classes across London in 2019. This will all be hosted by Tate Britain. For more information click here to read the article by The Guardian.

We would also like to say a huge well done to Iman who raised £121 in her cake and t-shirt sale on the last day of term by taking action and supporting the Children in Need charity.