Welcome back to The Lodge

It has been lovely welcoming everyone back after the break to The Lodge. We have had such a wonderful week welcoming new friends, building on our teamwork skills and exploring our favourite areas!

Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • We welcomed some new friends into the class: Dhreeya, Dhyaan and Ashton have joined KG1.
  • The children gave us some ideas about what they wanted in the classroom and then they helped us move furniture and reorganise everything.
  • There has been a lot of interest in the making and mark making area and the children have been writing letters and making crowns and masks.
  • In the garden, there was a lot of teamwork when testing out ideas about how to roll the balls down the ramps.
  • In the construction area, the children worked together to build models.
  • The funky fingers table has been busy with lots of threading around pictures of Princesses and Superheroes.
  • We were very lucky to be given some beautiful tulips and so we put them at the painting table for the children to do some observational paintings!

As we have spent the week settling and getting back into routines, next week we will start our new Unit of Inquiry People Who Help Us.