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Lower School Uniform

Dwight School London has a mandatory uniform and dress code for all students. There are many positive reasons for a school dress code, including:

  • A dress code encourages students to express their individuality through personality and academic achievements, not outward appearances
  • A dress code puts the focus on academics, not fashion, because it projects a neat, serious, businesslike image
  • Schools with dress codes have fewer discipline problems because students are not distracted
  • Dress codes eliminate pressure to wear brand name clothing
  • Dress codes create a sense of school pride and belonging

If students or parents have a question regarding the policy or uniform, please contact the Lower School Deputy Principal - Mrs. Kate Hornshaw.

Uniform for Lower School students is as follows:

Students shall have the right to dress in accordance with their gender identity, within the constraints of the dress code and uniform policy.

Girls and Boys:

Options selected from the following:

  • School cardigan or school v-neck pullover
  • White school, button-up, collared shirt
  • Short sleeve school polo shirt (navy/red/white)
  • Long sleeve school polo shirt (navy /red/white)
  • White undershirt
  • School kilt with or without black or navy tights-preferably navy
  • Navy or sand trousers/chinos or shorts
  • White or single coloured dark socks--preferably navy
  • Raincoat
  • Winter coat
  • Backpack (optional)
  • Blazer (optional)
  • Blazer badge (optional)
  • School tie (optional)
PE and Games:
  • Navy top with school logo
  • Navy shorts with school logo
  • Navy socks with school logo
  • Football boots (team members only)
  • Trainers
  • Black one piece swimming costume
  • Black swimming trunks
  • Navy school tracksuit