Upper School Uniform

Uniform and Equipment

Mandatory uniform and dress code

Dwight School London has a mandatory uniform and dress code for all students. There are many positive reasons for a school dress code, including:

  • A dress code encourages students to express their individuality through personality and academic achievements.
  • A dress code puts the focus on academics because they project a neat and serious image.
  • Dress codes eliminate the visible differences between children’s backgrounds
  • Dress codes eliminate pressure to wear brand name clothing
  • Dress codes create a sense of school pride and belonging

If students or parents have a question regarding the policy or uniform, please contact the Dean of Students or the Upper School Principal.

Dress Code for MYP Students is as follows:

Students shall have the right to dress in accordance with their gender identity, within the constraints of the dress code and uniform policy.

Options selected from the following:

  • School cardigan or school v-neck pullover
  • School and House hoodies (optional) - no other hoodies are allowed
  • White school, button-up, collared shirt
  • Short sleeve school polo shirt (navy, red or white)
  • Long sleeve school polo shirt (navy, red or white)
  • White undershirt
  • School kilt or smart knee-length black skirt, with or without black or navy tights
  • Navy or sand trousers/chinos/tailored shorts
  • White or single coloured dark socks
  • Raincoat
  • Winter coat
  • Backpack (optional)
  • Blazer (optional)
  • Blazer badge (optional)
  • School tie (optional)
  • Dark shoes - solid blue or black

PE and Games:

  • Dwight school t-shirt
  • Dwight school shorts
  • Dwight school tracksuit
  • White socks
  • Sporting trainers
  • Plain one piece swimming costume or plain swimming trunks
  • Swimming hat
  • This should be ordered from Prokit UK.


Diploma Dress Code:

The DP dress code must be followed at school and for all academic activities, unless special arrangements have been made with the tutors. Students are required to be in full dress code daily, business casual, unless notified by the school. As an outline of our dress code policy, please use the following guidelines:

  • Students may wear smart trousers/jeans, traditionally tailored, solid-coloured trousers.
  • Students may wear skirts, but denim skirts are not permitted. Skirts must not be shorter than the tips of fingers when hands are relaxed by sides.
  • Students may wear dresses where the length is no shorter than the tips of fingers when hands are relaxed by sides. Dresses should not be form fitting, sheer, or have spaghetti straps and these should not expose midriffs.
  • All students must wear smart t-shirts, polo shirts or shirts with collars
  • Students are permitted (but not required) to wear jumpers, Dwight School branded hoodies, jackets or blazers.
  • Students should not wear form fitting tops or trousers. Students may not wear tops that are sheer or expose midriffs and should not wear tank tops or spaghetti straps.
  • Students may wear flat or low-heeled shoes, black trainers, dress shoes, loafers, or boots. Flipflops and open-back sandals are not permitted.

Non-uniform day dress code:

Students are able to dress in a casual manner as befits a learning environment, and they do not need to adhere to the uniform guidelines.

Application of IB and MYP Uniform Policy

  • A small necklace or small bracelet of recognised religious significance is allowed. One pair of small stud earrings are allowed. Small watches are allowed. No other jewellery is allowed.
  • No visible make-up is allowed.
  • Simple hair bands or ties are allowed in school colours only.
  • Shoes should be navy or black in colour and style, boots must be low-cut. Flip-flops and raised heel shoes are not allowed.
  • Winter hats and scarves may be worn as the weather dictates, but should not be worn in the classrooms.
  • A white t-shirt may be worn as an undershirt. Coloured undershirts and undershirts that extend beyond the sleeves are not permitted.
  • Form fitting trousers, leggings, denim trousers, jeans and non-denim, jeans-style trousers are not allowed.
  • Nail varnish must only be worn in nude colours. Nail extensions are not allowed.
  • Socks should be worn below the knee.
  • Tights must be navy or black in colour and should not have patterns.
  • In the event of extreme weather, the dress code policy will be revised and communicated accordingly