Lower School Sport

The PE Department at Dwight Lower School offers students a variety of sports throughout the curriculum for students in Years 3-6 including football, basketball, netball, American football, floor hockey, baseball, volleyball, tennis and badminton. Ultimately, the aim is to develop and extend their skills while exposing them to as many new sports as possible. Additionally, the students are taught athletics, orienteering, dance, gymnastics, and new this year there will be three weeks of ice skating held at Alexandra Palace.

After school clubs are another way students can get involved with sports at the Lower School. We currently offer a netball club, two football clubs, a floor hockey club, a badminton club and an archery club. This is a great way for students to stay active, improve their abilities and socialize with friends.

For the more advanced athletes who enjoy competition, we also have several sports teams that students can try-out for. We have two football teams (Year 3-4 & Year 5-6), a swim team (Year 3-6), a cross country team (Year 3-6) and a ski team (Year 3-6). Students selected for these teams will be trained by coaches as they will be competing against local schools in London.

Additionally, the PE Department runs sport specific field trips throughout the year for various year groups these include stadium tours and even a day out at Wimbledon.

If you have any questions about the curriculum, after school clubs, competitive sports teams, or PE field trips please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Lower School PE Specialist.

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