Lower School Sport

The PE Department at Dwight Lower School offers students the opportunity to engage with a variety of sports throughout the curriculum including football, basketball, netball, floor hockey, cricket, tennis and badminton. We aim to develop and extend their skills whilst giving students a chance to experience as many different sports as possible at a young age such as golf, rock climbing and archery. Additionally, students are taught athletics, orienteering, dance, and gymnastics.

After school clubs are another way students can get involved with sport at the Lower School. We offer a range of sports clubs varying each term and also encourage students to have a voice and share their thoughts and ideas for clubs that they want to take part in. This is a great way for students to stay active, improve their abilities and socialize with friends.

We at Dwight Lower School are proud to have both girls and boys take part in competitive sports and each year hold tryouts for our football, swimming and cross country teams. Students selected for these teams take part in training sessions and compete against other schools in London.