Film School

We run a very successful after school activity called ‘Film School.’ It is open to students from M1 – D1. The participants work in the year groups and Diploma students are entitled to CAS hours for this project.

The course begins in January of the Spring term. It runs every Wednesday after school in the Jubilee Hall from 3.45- 5.00pm. Each week consists of a workshop, in which the students develop their film scripts and ideas collaboratively. In the summer term, we use industry standard equipment to shoot the short films over a couple of weekends. The students learn how to light scenes, frame shots, and record sound and to direct each other.

In June/July we edit the films using Final Cut Express to create a professional product and we employ film editors to teach the students.

In the Autumn term we have the Film School premiere at The Curzon Cinema, Mayfair, London, where we showcase our films on the big screen with other schools in North London.

This course requires a great deal of commitment and we are proud to say that our students always surprise and delight us with their enthusiasm.

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The photos below are taken on the latest film shoots.