Carnegie Hall 2018

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New York Carnegie Hall Music Trip from 7th – 15th February 2018

Stern Auditorium: The real thing!

After 4 years of proud and successful participation in the Dwight Schools annual concert at Carnegie Hall, 2018 is treating us with yet another very special opportunity: For the first time in The Dwight Schools’ history, students from London, Seoul, Shanghai and New York will swap Carnegie’s Zankel Hall for the most iconic stage in the world, Carnegie’s Stern Auditorium. It has a capacity of 2,804 and we are honored and grateful for the remarkable opportunity to perform on a stage famous for hosting the likes of Sergei Rachmaninoff, Dr Martin Luther King, Nina Simone and The Beatles – just to name a few. Furthermore, our concert on February 13th coincides with Chancellor Spahn's 50th anniversary of involvement in our school.

A Sky Full Of Music

As always, the musical items for Carnegie are selected and developed along a chosen theme – this year this is “A Sky Full Of Music”, encompassing music associated with space, the stars, planets, galaxies etc. involving all styles of music from classical to pop, rock and jazz.

Trip dates

The Dwight London Carnegie cohort will be flying out to New York on Wednesday 7th and return to London on Thursday 15th February 2018. Participating students will miss only 3 days of school due to the fact that the actual week of the performance falls into half term, which will make student participation potentially easier.


Just as in the previous years, our hotel will be the West Side YMCA, offering double and quad room accommodation, a pool, gym and a theatre. Apart from rehearsing and performing, we will tour the Juilliard School, visit museums and attend selected shows on and off Broadway. We will also spend a normal school day at Dwight School NY to get a taste of the similarities and differences between our schools, and of course, to socialise, make contacts, meet old friends and make new ones as well.


This year, the total cost to be paid by families will come to £1200 per participating student. The amount covers inclusively everything from flights, accommodation, meals and snacks to Broadway shows and activities. The trip fee is substantially subsidised by Dwight London and further funding may be available in individual instances.

Registration of interest

In the meantime, we would like to finalise and confirm the group of participating students. In order to be invited on this trip, students must be members of the choir or one of our musical ensembles at school, or be accomplished singers or instrumentalists in their own right. Please note that registrations will be reviewed and confirmed by Mr Kraft to become valid and that participants might be required to take part in a set of auditions. To avoid any compromise of the students’ academic progress at Dwight, the school has also put in place a system to monitor participation in multiple school trips per academic year. Please contact Mr Kraft for further details. Please use the form below to register your interest in this trip. Registration deadline will be Saturday 26th November.

Registration of interest form

Carnegie Hall solos

As in the previous years, each campus will be granted a slot for a solo performance in Carnegie Hall. Interested students need to audition to be considered for this and all auditions will be recorded on video and shared with Dwight New York. Dwight London auditions will take place on Tuesday 28th November during school hours. If you would like to audition for a solo, please see Mr Kraft for further details. Please note that your piece should fit in well with the concert’s theme “A Sky Full Of Music”.