2nd - 4th OCTOBER 2019

Workshops & classes led by members of the London Community Gospel Choir and Dwight vocal teachers and band tutors

  • Sectional and full choir rehearsals
  • Band rehearsals
  • Groups from Shanghai, New York, Berlin, Seoul, Dubai & London
  • Final showcase @ Finchley artsdepot

Be inspired and participate in a joint school choir led by top of the range vocalists, meet other students & make new friends!

Please click here to register.


Sunday 29th September - Tuesday 1st October:

  • Participating schools from abroad arriving in London for sightseeing / university visits / activities

Tuesday 1st October 12pm- 3.40pm:

  • Lunch at Dwight and lesson participation for international participants

Wednesday 2nd October:

  • All day rehearsals and workshops for all students

Thursday 3rd October:

  • All day rehearsals and workshops for all students
  • Social event (4.30 - 6pm) for all students

Friday 4th October:

  • All day rehearsals and workshops for all students
  • Dress rehearsal at the artsdepot in the afternoon
  • Concert at 7pm-9pm

Saturday 5th / Sunday 6th October:

  • International students fly home

Participation fee:

£100 per school (as a contribution towards the venue hire and catering costs), plus £5 per student (for the festival t-shirt)

How to register:

To register, please use the click here. Registration deadline is 27th July.

For more details:

Please do not hesitate to contact jkraft@dwightlondon.org about any further details or to discuss any questions you may have.


Some additional information for visiting groups from abroad:

Cost for flights: As applicable

  • Accommodation: Local hotel (Travelodge), approximately £50.00 per night per student (double rooms)
  • Lunches in small groups of students at the local outlets: £7.00 per day
  • Dinners and snacks: As applicable (approximately £20 - £25 / student / day for a basic meal such as a pizza, salad, drink and a few snacks).


  • Weekly travel card: £30 (11-15 years), £60 (adults)
  • West End shows, music concert visits
  • London activities, such as the Emirates Airline, Thames River Cruise, Olympic Park etc.