Carnegie Hall 2017

New York Carnegie Hall Music Trip from 19th - 26th February 2017

After the great success in 2016, we are delighted to have been asked to return to New York and participate once again in the Dwight Schools annual concert at Carnegie Hall on 25th February 2017. Mr Kraft is again going to take the choir as they did so exceptionally well in the past and we will also invite some of our talented instrumentalists to perform alongside our choir and to join in with performances of the Dwight Schools Orchestra.

Our hotel will be the West Side YMCA, offering double and quad room accommodation, a pool, gym and a theatre. Apart from rehearsals and the concert, we will tour the Juilliard School, visit museums and attend selected shows on and off Broadway. We will also spend a normal school day at Dwight School NY to get a taste of the similarities and differences between our schools, and of course, to socialise, make contacts, meet old friends and make new ones as well.

The total cost to be paid by families this year will be £1000 per participant. This sum, subsidised substantially by Dwight London, covers everything from flights, accommodation, meals and snacks, Broadway shows and activities. Further funding may be available in individual instances.

In the meantime, we would like to finalise and confirm the students who will participate in this wonderful event and join our fellow Dwight students from around the world for this celebration of music in one of the world’s most prestigious concert halls.

In order to be invited on this trip, students must be members of the choir or one of our music ensembles at school. Please note that the availability of places will be limited this year, and registrations have to be reviewed and confirmed by Mr Kraft to become valid. Participants might be required to take part in a set of auditions. To avoid any compromise of your academic progress at Dwight, the school has also put in place a limitation of participation in multiple school trips per academic year. Please contact Mr Kraft for further details. The deadline for registration is 4th November 2016.